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Weekly Rewind: February 22, 2020

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for February 22, 2020.

It may seem hard to believe, but week 8 of 2020 is already over. In the past week NGN covered Quantum League jumping into an open beta. Conglomerate 451 is cleaning out sector 451 and Super Chicken Catchers is on the move as both left early access while Puddle Knights and Dreadlands confirmed their release dates.

This past week was busy with lots of game announcements, trailer teasers, and developer blogs that Nano Gaming News missed a few stories that should have been covered. Tripwire Interactive is really busy showing off Maneater and Chivalry 2 ahead of PAX East 2020. Also ahead of PAX East, Lightbulb Crew and Focus Home Interactive teased gamers with a look at the new tactical RPG with a dark reveal trailer for Othercide.

Maneater at PAX East 2020

PAX East is coming to Boston on February 27 and at the event Tripwire Interactive is going to be busy. Maneater, the shark-filled action RPG will debut its first-ever hands-on public demo.

Tripwire Interactive will be located at booth #18011 at the Boston Convention Center where visitors can get their hands on the demo. Also, photo opportunities, swag, and a chance to meet with the developers will be available at the booth.

Ahead of the PAX East demo, the third in a series of Developer Diaries about Maneater was released. In Developer Diary 3 the evolution of the shark and its design is discussed. Previous videos talked about the game in general with Developer Diary 1 and the video that followed examined how the world of Maneater was created.

Maneater, previously announced as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store for the first year at launch will arrive on May 22, 2020 for PC. The game will also be featuring Nvidia Ansel support. For more information on Maneater, visit the game’s site at

Maneater Developer Diary 3: Evolution of a Shark | Tripwire Interactive

Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha Sign-ups

Was it mentioned that Tripwire Interactive was going to be at PAX East 2020? Along with Maneater, Chivalry 2 will be on display for all to experience the ultimate medieval battlefield. Booth visitors can learn about the new partnership with Intel and will have a chance to enter a contest to win an Intel NUC Hades Canyon Mini PC as they check out the systems powering Chivalry 2.

Ahead of the event, Tripwire Interactive along with Torn Banner Studios have announced that the Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha is scheduled to start in March. Interested testers can visit the game’s website at to learn how to sign-up for the closed alpha.

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles all set in 64 player battlefields. From the sights to the sounds of the battlefield, players should be prepared for a total medieval battle experience. Development on the game started in 2017 and interested gamers are encouraged to follow the game’s development by visiting the Chivalry 2 website at

Chivalry 2 Lore Trailer | Torn Banner Studios

Othercide RPG Revealed

For those that haven’t heard, PAX East 2020 is coming next week. At the event Focus Home Interactive will be at booth #29017 where they plan to showcase Othercide. The terrifying forces from beyond called the Others are going up against the the army of reality in the reveal trailer for Othercide.

Those attending PAX East will get a chance to learn about the dying timeline while discovering the secrets of the City and the Suffering within. Combat in the game is an delicate and intricate dance of actions and counters using the Dynamic Timeline System that lets players plan ahead and set up impressive chains of abilities.

The new tactical RPG from Lightbulb Crew and Focus Home Interactive is scheduled to hit PS4, Xbox One and Steam for PC in Summer 2020. For more information about Othercide visit the game’s website at

Othercide Reveal Trailer | Focus Home Interactive

Thank you for checking out the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for February 22, 2020. Be sure to check back next Saturday for the latest edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind!