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Quantum League Launches Open Beta

The new time-paradox FPS, Quantum League, from indie developer Nimble Giant Entertainment, entered a free to play open beta today. In this multiplayer online FPS, players battle with a time loop featuring their past self.

With the time loop feature, players will engage in 1v1 and 2v2 matches that allows the player to team up with past versions of themselves. The world of Quantum League takes place within an alternate universe where time travel has changed everything including professional sports. Players take on the role of a quantum athlete that competes on heavily weaponized teams in specially designed arenas.

Each bout features three time loop rounds. In each pass through the time loop all of the players previous actions including movement and shooting take place. Opponents can target a past version of the player and do lethal damage to that version of the player. This causes the player to desync from their timeline and need to take action in the next loop to save their past self.

Scoring is done in the third round when a team member is alive on the capture point at the rounds conclusion. Victory is achieved when a team reaches the required number of points.

With the announcement of Quantum League Free Open Beta earlier this week, brought news of the innovative shooter as a new and original IP from Nimble Giant Entertainment.

The level of innovation and the quality of the execution in Quantum League is one of the reasons that lured me into Nimble Giant. The game is truly bringing something new, adding endless strategic depth and propelling the multiplayer FPS genre forward.

Jeronimo Barrera, VP of Development, Nimble Giant Entertainment

Jeronimo Barrera, the VP of Development at Nimble Giant Entertainment, joined the company after having spent 20 years at Rockstar Games was drawn to the company because of the innovation of Quantum League. In addition, the game will be the developer’s first major release since the 4X strategy title Master of Orion that launched in 2016.

Quantum League is available to play for free during the open beta on Steam that lasts until March 2, 2020. The game’s early access release is scheduled for later in 2020 and will also be available on Steam. For more information about Quantum League or their Open Beta visit the game’s website at or follow @QuantumLeague on Twitter.

Quantum League Cinematic Trailer | Nimble Giant Entertainment

Nimble Giant Entertainment (@NimbleGiantEnt Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2002, the company is one of the leading game development studios in Latin America. The studio’s first release was Champions of Regnum and was the first commercial MMORPG made in the region.