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Puddle Knights Release Date in March

Indie studio Lockpickle is eager to get their first game, Puddle Knights, into the hands of gamers with a release date at the beginning of March. The turn-based puzzle title features medieval theme world with nobles and knights.

Players dive into the world of medieval scenery with a mud and cape gameplay mechanic. Nobles are trying to get to a designated goal. The knights are being directed by the player with a trailing cape on which the nobles will tread while trying to avoid getting mud on their fancy clothes.

For the player the ultimate goal is to get the nobles to the exit without stepping in mud. Naturally for a task like this no price is too high for the knights to pay whether it results in a torn cape or their own head being stepped on.

When this single player game releases in March there will be more than 90 levels with increasing difficulty. Players are going to be able to tear up capes, hold down drawbridges, and perform other creative tactical maneuvers to solve the various puzzle challenges.

Unlike other logic puzzles, there are no pressure plates, boxes to push, or keys to collect. Mistakes can be easily forgiven with the Undo and Reset functions so players are encouraged to take their time to think and analyze the problem before them.

Puddle Knights release date is set for March 3, 2020 on Steam for Windows PC and Mac. For more information about Puddle Knights visit the game’s website at

Puddle Knights Gameplay Trailer | Lockpickle

Lockpickle (@lockpickle Twitter) is an independent game development studio that was founded in December 2018 by former Nvidia engineer Olli Etuaho. At the Global Game Jam 2019 in Helsinki, Etuaho teamed up with designer and musician Harry Damm, who later joined the company in spring of 2019. Development work on Puddle Knights, the studio’s first commercial title, followed Damm joining the team. The studio values its independence and believes in the old school way of making games that the teams wants to play themselves.