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Nano Gaming News Game Review System

Nano Gaming News uses a 10 point scale scoring system for any game review. Our system is fairly similar to other 10 point systems with a 10 being near perfect titles, a 7 being an average or good game, and a 4 being a generally bad game. To calculate a score we will look at a game’s concept, graphics, audio, gameplay, entertainment, and replayability. Note that other factors may be reflected in the score and will be disclosed in the review.

There is one main difference with our score system when compared to others. For any game that is in a pre-release part of the development cycle, such as early access, beta, or alpha, Nano Gaming News will also assign a Full Potential Score or FP Score based off the same 10 point system. To come up with an FP Score, Nano Gaming News will look at several factors. Some example factors include: amount of the final product available for review, frequency of patches at this point in the development cycle, quality of patches, rate of addressing critical bugs, community interaction, developer communications through any medium, length of early access time versus similar games, development roadmap goals, core concept of the game, potential improvements, developer reputation, publisher reputation, and any other factors that may impact the game’s development.

No game review scoring system is perfect and every attempt at even giving a score to a game is an opinion and not a fact. Any critic reviewing a game at Nano Gaming News or on behalf of Nano Gaming News will be giving their subjective perspective of the game they are reviewing. If there are any questions about our scoring system feel free to use our contact form for more information.

What Our Game Review Scores Mean

10. Legendary

A near perfect game. This is a rare score that when given out, that title is truly worthy of a legendary status. Odds are that any game titles receiving this rating is a classic in the making and we highly recommend all who appreciate games check it out.

9. Epic

This score is reserved for games that were almost near perfect. Titles with this score are still highly recommended. Any game with this score is definitely doing something right and any negatives would be very hard to find.

8. Great

Titles that attain this score are games that tend to have a lasting impact. There was just something the game did that stood out whether it be witty and clever writing, unforgettable characters, amazing graphics, a unique mechanic or some combination thereof. If there are any complaints, this standing out factor would overtake the negatives.

7. Good

Another word for good here would be average. Any game that finds itself with this score will be a title where all of the features work, but there is just nothing really special about the game. There is nothing ground breaking, the experience is positive, and the game’s core concepts and components are just average. The game is still entertaining from start to finish.

6. Acceptable

Think of this score as just below average. The game would have been average if it hadn’t been for just one thing. This could come down to really bad graphics or the sound effects were jarringly loud and interrupting to the gameplay. No matter the issue, it was just something that ended up pulling the title down. For some this game will provide a good gaming experience, for others it simply won’t cut it.

5. Mediocre

Games finding themselves with this score clearly had potential to us. However, the more important features were flawed. The experience might have been incoherent, the game flow might feel massively off, or there was some major glaring issue making the game relatively unremarkable. Anything with this score is something that can be used to pass the time and that is about it.

4. Bad

This score is for games that we regret playing. Some things may work, but many other things simply do not. These issues might be either or both of a technical or gameplay nature, but it really doesn’t matter as the game as a whole is not fun and has glaring issues.

3. Terrible

At least this score may help save gamers some money and time. There might be some moments of joy in titles with this score, but they are so far and few in between that it is not worth playing. More than likely the game is so poorly executed and completely unoriginal that it has virtually no redeeming quality whatsoever.

2. Unplayable

We are amazed that games with this score actually load and run. Anything in this score range is an all-out dumpster fire, but even then a dumpster fire might provide some joy. The only joy we receive from games with this score is when we get to stop playing it.

1. Not A Game

Any title finding itself with this score is not a game. Games are loosely defined as an activity whether it is alone or with others, that is playful and done for amusement. Titles here violate that loose definition and cannot be called a game as they are an insult to gaming as a whole.