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Nano Gaming News FAQ


What is Nano Gaming News?

Nano Gaming News is a site dedicated to providing news, editorials, reviews, and other gaming related content by gamers for gamers.

Why the name Nano Gaming News?

The name was taken from two sources. First source being the shorthand handle for the founder Nanocyde. Second source comes from the word Nano itself. Nano is very small. Smaller than microscopic. It is in these tiny places where the real details emerge.

What is up with the tagline “Because Details Matter”?

Details matter. We live in a time where information can be manipulated to create fake content. Only in the details will the truth be revealed. In essence details matter.

Does Nano Gaming News think it is possible to make a difference in the gaming community?

We hope we are making a difference in the gaming community at Nano Gaming News. Even though we are a small game news blog site we are still a voice for positive changes in the gaming community and strive to aid in the future success of such positive change.

Who founded Nano Gaming News?

Nick “Nanocyde”

I have additional questions, what should I do?

Use the contact form and ask away. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

News and Reviews

How do you choose which stories to cover?

Nano Gaming News is, at its core, a news site written by gamers for gamers or those interested in gaming. We are interested in gaming and all aspects connected to gaming. In other words if it is a story about gaming and we feel it has an interest to our readers, we will do our best to cover it.

How do I submit a news tip, story, or game I thank Nano Gaming News should cover?

Use the contact form. In the subject field put the appropriate category, Tip, Story, or Game, along with any relevant information or links in the message.

Will you review our game, hardware, or other product?

Maybe. Nano Gaming News takes pride in the reviews we publish. We are always excited hearing about new games, hardware, and products. While we wish we could spend time reviewing everything there are simply not enough hours in a day. We do invite and welcome quick pitches on games, hardware, and products. Please use our contact form and we will be in touch if we are interested.


The staff page says Nano Gaming News is not currently hiring, when will positions become available?

This is a hard question to answer. For the moment we are not. Nano Gaming News is working towards sustainability. Ideally, over time we would like to expand our staff and provide some of the best gaming news on the internet. However the world is not ideal and only time will tell.

Do you accept guest writers or reviewers?

Sometimes. We are are always willing to talk. If you are interested in being a guest writer please our contact form with “Guest Writer” in the subject line and we will be in touch soon.