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Super Chicken Catchers Launch with Perk

White Smoke Games is not clucking around with the early access departure and full retail launch of Super Chicken Catchers. As a bonus perk during the launch week, gamers have access to a free play period and a major launch discount.

The fast-paced 2v2 competitive sport action puts players in an alternative future where a single sport, Cluckball, dominates the universe. When Cluckball is active, the entire galaxy stops to watch while the sports stars deal with chickens, aliens, and flying pigs.

Similar to Rocket League, the highly competitive and collaborative nature of Super Chicken Catchers uses chickens instead of balls in a chaotic struggle. Those who win the grand prize will be the ultimate champion proving that they, the rider, and mount acted in perfection to win the Cluckball World Championships.

Featuring colorful art styling reminiscent of N64 classics, the game is playable in solo, local and online. With the early access exit and retail launch comes new features that include the brand new Canyon map. All new races and challenges are awaiting players in addition to the brand new Free for All game mode.

Players looking to try the game out before purchasing can play it for free until February 23, 2020.

After months of Early Access, we are very proud to release Super Chicken Catchers today! Since the very beginning of this adventure, we wanted to create a different kind of sports game focused on cooperation and communication in an off-beat universe.

Without a doubt, Super Chicken Catchers will create a fierce competition with your friends and family. We’re looking forward to see players enjoy the Cluckball sport we created… It’s time for the world to catch some chickens!

Florent Leger, White Smoke Games CEO

Super Chicken Catchers is available on Steam at a regular price of $17.99 USD for Windows PC. Until February 25, 2020, the game is being discounted by 40% in celebration of its retail launch. Fore more information on Super Chicken Catchers visit the game’s website at or follow @SCC_Game on Twitter.

Super Chicken Catchers Release Trailer | White Smoke Games

White Smoke Games is a French independent game development studio based out of Paris. Founded in 2018 by 12 young developers the studio’s goal is to develop quality games where player’s expectations are at the center of development choices. The studio’s slogan is “We care about our gamers, we care about our games.”