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Dreadlands Early Access Release Date Confirmed

Blackfox Studios and publisher Fatshark are inviting players to the early access release date for their turn-based skirmish post-apocalyptic shared world, Dreadlands. Get ready as the action is coming in early March.

In December of 2019 and then again during the first week of February 2020, Blackfox Studios held beta tests. During these tests the developers gathered a whole bunch of feedback from the community that included several gamer demographics that have allowed the developer to fine-tune and bring it to early access.

The beta was a success in both the number of participants, as well as gathering feedback from the players. This has made it possible for us to fine-tune the game, and we are excited to make it available on March 10.

Peter Nilsson, Founder and Creative Director, Blackfox Studios

For those unfamiliar with Dreadlands, the game takes place in a living post-apocalyptic shared world. Combat is turn-based and the world itself is designed for players to cross paths while out exploring the world. Now during these frequent encounters, players have the option to interact in cooperation or against each other in bloody PvP battles.

Dreadlands is scheduled to enter early access on Steam March 10, 2020. Players can add the game to their wishlist now on the game’s Steam page. More information about Dreadlands can be found on the game’s website at, by following @playdreadlands on Twitter, or by joining the official Dreadlands Discord.

Blackfox Studios is an indie studio that was founded in 2017. Located in Södermalm, the creative quarter of central Stockholm, Sweden, Blackfox Studios is comprised of experienced, passionate, and skilled developers. The studio’s mission is to bring the turn-based genre into the online world and making every action and battle players take part in meaningful and engaging.

Fatshark (@fatsharkgames Twitter) is an independent game developer and publisher. Established in 2007, the company’s headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden and currently is comprised of a team of more than 80 experienced game developers. Previous titles developed by Fatshark include Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Lead and Gold, Krater, and War of the Roses.