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Conglomerate 451 a Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler

Developer RuneHeads and publisher 1C Entertainment announced today that the first-person cyberpunk dungeon crawler, Conglomerate 451, has left early access today. The full game is available now on Steam with GOG and digital platforms coming next week.

Set in a distant future, Conglomerate 451 is the story of a city overrun with corrupt corporations. Players are tasked with restoring order to sector 451. From assembling a squad of cloned agents that include DNA manipulation and ability-granting neural implants to actually hacking the world around the player, every possible advantage will be necessary to clean out the corruption.

Nearly 9 months after the early access launch of Conglomerate 451, players can now experience the full game. Since the early access launch, multiple new features including 4 new areas, 25 new enemies, 10 new NPCs, story mode, corporation bosses, and a re-designed UI have been added to the game. The addition of several roguelike elements such as imperfect character cloning and randomized perks add additional impact to decisions that will determine if a players agents will survive.

Besides taking on the corruption of sector 451, players will need to manage their resources and make use of their own personal research and development department. Whether it is unlocking new features or new powers, players will want to utilize their R&D to grant them options for progression.

Body augments through cyber implants, perks through mutations, synthetic drugs at the risk of developing disorders, cyberspace hacking for intelligence or gaining an advantage are just a handful of features available to players as they work their missions. The pain and trauma system allows for wounds and damage to have a lasting impact on a players agents. With each mission also comes the risk of death for an agent which is permanent so players are advised to consider every move as they clean up the corrupted world.

Conglomerate 451 is now available on Steam for $19.99 USD. The game will be available on GOG and other digital platforms starting February 24, 2020. For more information about Conglomerate 451 visit the game’s page on the RuneHeads site.

Conglomerate 451 Launch Trailer | 1C Entertainment

RuneHeads (@RuneHeads Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Italy. The studio was founded in 2017 by two industry veterans and is one of Italy’s most acclaimed independent studios.

1C Entertainment (@1C_Company Twitter) is a game publishing and distribution company with over 100 game title launches. The company is an international group of offices in Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest and Moscow which all work to release video games for all platforms through their global network of partners.