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Weekly Rewind: December 5, 2020

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for December 5, 2020 where we cover stories and events that we missed over the past week.

This past week had some indie game action take place on Friday. The fast paced under a minute arena brawler Guntastic exited early access. Simulation game enthusiasts could play a demo of the post-apocalyptic Simpocalypse on Lastly, Epic Games sues Apple in Australia.

Here is a quick recap of a few stories Nano Gaming News covered over the previous week. Yes, Your Grace is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Monochrome RPG ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. Prison Simulator released a free demo. Per Aspera is changing the red planet making it suitable for humans. Oxygen Not Included is heading out into space with its first DLC with an early access release this coming week.

Guntastic – Launch Trailer | Ludicrous Games

Guntastic Offers Fast Arena Brawls

Ludicrous Games unleashed fast-paced arena brawling with extreme comical violence with Guntastic on Friday. The studio’s debut title is available on PCs and Xbox consoles where every battle is guaranteed to last less than a minute.

Gameplay is very simple and easy to learn with fast shoot’em up and beat’em up action and over the top comedic violence. Wacky characters and extreme death animations give a goofball feel reminiscent of unforgiving 16-bit arcade coin-op classics. Battles are a one-shot, one-kill that last for 25 seconds after which all remaining players are forcibly eliminated.

There are nine deadly weapons and five game-changing powerups. Weapons include rocket launchers and shotguns to more modern designs like driller-heads, cute walking bombs and energy guns are just a sampling of the varied arsenal available to players. Up to 4 players can participate in both online and local multiplayer where they get the perfect opportunity to wreck havoc on each other across six different environments.

Guntastic is available on Windows and Mac OS X through Steam for $12.99 USD. Xbox players can get the game for $14.99 USD. The latest information about Guntastic can be found on the game’s website at

Simpocalypse – Alpha Trailer | Gamex Studio

Simpocalypse Demo Out Available on

Slovenia based indie game developer Gamex Studio released a demo for their post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game on and ArmorGames. The goal behind the demo’s release is to help increase the audience and reach of the game while gaining more players for feedback.

Players are thrown into a post nuclear war world where survival requires fast action. There are no technical advancements left and only limited basic resources lay scattered across the wastelands. Players are forced to constantly expand into neighboring territories to find resources to keep their civilization alive. Unfortunately some areas will be occupied by other civilizations trying to survive as well which will lead to conflict.

Key features of the game include a deep dive into managerial, strategy, tycoon, and optimization elements of the simulation genre.

Simpocalypse is scheduled for a December 15, 2020 early access release on Steam. A full release is planned at the end of Q1-Q2 2021. Fore more information about Simpocalypse visit the game’s website at

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite – #FreeFortnite | Epic Games

Epic Games Sues Apple in Austrailia

Weeks 17 of the Epic Games versus Apple story remained fairly quiet. There is a development NGN missed in its coverage over the previous weeks with Epic dropping a lawsuit against Apple in Australia.

In the 13 page-long filing with the Australian courts, Epic Games alleges that the decisions over in-app purchases and the subsequent banning of Fortnite from the App Store breaches Australian Consume Law and sections of the Competition and Consumer Act. Primarily the focus is on Section 46 that deals with companies engaging in acts of anticompetition. Epic is not seeking damages, but instead wants a court ruling to open up mobile platforms to third-party payments for app developers.

Apple has already released a statement as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald where Apple defended the App Store commission fees and intends to defend its position in court.

As the story heads into 2021 and according to a court filling from this past October the Epic Games versus Apple case will be heading to a bench trial on May 3rd. A pretrial conference is scheduled for April 21, 2021. Continued development on this story is expected as next year’s court date approaches.

Thank you for reading the December 5, 2020 Edition of the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind. Don’t forget to check back with us in two weeks for the next edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind and until then, keep on gaming.

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