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Mana Gloom Launches on Steam

Indie solo developer Sarynth has released their click-to-move top-down RPG Mana Gloom on Steam. The indie game features aim and cast spell action against all sorts of classic dungeon monsters.

Players begin their adventure in game as a mage that has yet to succumb to the Gloom. Mana is the source of magic that flows through these fantasy lands. The Gloom is a horrid sickness that plagues the mana streams causing havoc on a user’s body and life force.

Powerful mages both near and far have tried to cleanse the Gloom to no avail often becoming corrupted themselves. Now the player as an seemingly unaffected mage is the last hope for the people. It is time to rise up, push through the corrupted creatures, find the source of corruption and purge the Gloom from the lands forever.

During one’s adventures in the world they may encounter corrupted mana crystals. Purging these crystals will grow one’s power as they take on the hordes of infected mana skeletons, ghouls, and powerful bosses throughout the world.

Built as a short indie game, the game is a labor of love and passion project by the solo indie developer. Sarynth’s goal was to build a well rounded title for players to enjoy. With the game’s launch, the developer’s next goal is to iterate on the game and grow the content.

Mana Gloom is now available on Windows PC through Steam for $11.99 USD. A special 20% off promotion runs until January 5, 2021. For more information about Mana Gloom visit the game’s website at

Intro Menu and Spell Progress for Mana Gloom | Sarynth

Sarynth is a solo indie developer with twenty years of programming experience. Previously Sarynth managed a DotA community and released a few well received small mods and built several multi-user dungeons to play with friends. Mana Gloom is Sarynth’s first title on Steam.