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Laserboy Offers 2D Pixel Laser Action on PC

Indie game developer Universal Entities launched their first title, Laserboy, as a free to play game on Steam for PC gamers. The game is a remaster of the iconic Catfun Corp, originally created for the Funvision Entertainment System, an Atari 2600 clone. Until recently the 1980’s game was thought to have been lost to time and has since been rebuilt and recreated from the ground up.

In game players guide Buddy through 13 top-down 2D pixel levels located in an experimental vision facility. Destructible objects, forbidden secrets, and a cast of friendly and not-so-friendly characters fill each level of comical mayhem. The goal is to explore and escape a secret facility loaded with dangers and discover the truth about everything.

There is a big problem and that is every five seconds Buddy will fire and uncontrollable laser out of his eyes. In other words don’t stand in front of Buddy. Besides actually escaping The Scientist’s experimental facility, one will want to also avoid racking up a massive damage bill.

The game’s soundtrack features the music of German pop sensation Lenni Revenge.

Laserboy is available on Windows, Linux and Mac through Steam as a free to play game. For more information visit the game’s Steam page.

Laserboy Miraculous Launch Trailer | Universal Entities

Universal Entities (@unientgames Twitter) is an indie game design studio based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2020 by human interface designer and former Airbnb Chief Design Officer Alex Schleifer the studio recently released their first game, Laserboy, as a free to play title on Steam.