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Per Aspera is a Mars Terraforming Sim

Indie developer Tlön Industries and publisher Raw Fury have pushed the city-building genre beyond Earth with the Mars terraforming sim Per Aspera. Near impossible odds face players as they take on the red planet in this sci-fi adventure.

A hard challenge awaits those brave enough to colonize the red planet on a scale never before seen in the genre. The surface of Mars is littered with past failures at colonization. This time things will be different as players take on the role of AMI, an artificial consciousness with a single directive of terraforming Mars for colonization.

Human colonists will depend upon the players actions to survive. Relationships can be cultivated and how they are forged will impact how the mission concludes.

Using a sprawling map based on real geographical data from NASA, players will harvest resources from the planet and experiment with different strategies to bring life to the dead planet. Branching research trees allow players to develop technology based on real-world science. During one’s exploration the past mysteries of those who previously tried to colonize will be explored. Along the journey a dangerous presence will be uncovered and one will need to defend their colonies from this unknown threat.

Per Aspera is available now on Steam and for $29.99 USD. A special 10% off discount runs for a limited time after the launch. The Deluxe Edition Bundle is also available that includes the separate DLC content of the Per Aspera Original Sound Track, Audiobook and The Art of Per Aspera, For more information visit the game’s website at

Per Aspera – Release Trailer | Raw Fury

Tlön Industries (@TlonIndustries Twitter) is a Buenos Aires, Argentina based independent video game studio. The ten plus member team was founded by three industry veterans with development experience on Master of Orion, Okhlos, and Command & Conquer.

Raw Fury (@RawFury Twitter) is an indie publisher. The company cares more about experience and emotions in a game over genre and mechanics. In addition the company operates under the Tenants of Fury which includes treating people like people, happiness over profit, and games are art. Currently their portfolio includes more than twenty game titles.