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Monochrome RPG Kickstarter Final Days

The final days are here of the Kickstarter campaign for Monochrome RPG, a 1920s pun-filled 2D cartoon-styled narrative adventure. Potential backers have until this Thursday to help fund this project from DVNC Tech and Monochrome Workshop.

Starting off in Talent Town, players take on the role of Otto, a lone comedian. From the start players set off on a journey for stardom in a 1920’s Vaudeville style. In Monochrome Episode One players will experience comedy and the grey morality of the various cartoon lives they encounter.

The story’s focus for Episode One is the grand adventure of Otto’s growth during his simple task of just try to head to work. Along the way a monochromatic cast of unique characters disrupt Otto’s journey adding adventure to his effort of just getting on stage.

Post Episode One of Otto’s story, players will find themselves in the city of entertainment, Vaudeville. Not everything is as it seems as strange occurrences become impossible to ignore. On stage players can flex their comedy muscles in stand-up battles called bouts. Either through comedy or one’s fists can a player achieve victory.

With time the lone comedian can build a customizable comedy troupe. New members can help establish and maximize one’s stage presence. Also any extra actors can easily be tossed into the audience for some quick cheers.

A downloadable demo of Monochrome RPG is available from the DVNC Tech page located here. Both Windows PC and Mac versions of the demo are available.

Monochrome RPG is down to the final days of its Kickstarter campaign. Currently the campaign is 100% funded and working towards various stretch goals. Interested backers can still do so until Thursday, December 3 2020 8:59 PM PST. For more information about Monochrome RPG visit the game’s project website at or follow @ottojokes on Twitter.

Monochrome RPG – Gameplay Demo | DVNC Tech

DVNC Tech (@dvnc_tech Twitter) is a Philadelphia based multimedia studio. Formed by four creators and developers, the studio’s passion lies in content made with new media and cutting0edge technology. Current projects from the studio include Superhero in Training, Spellshot and Monochrome RPG.

Monochrome Workshop is a global group of creatives that together are collaborating and developing the Monochrome RPG. Through the utilization of Discord, weekly meetings, Q&A sessions, creative bouts and social media pages, the group works together towards a common goal of developing 1920s pun-filled cartoon-styled narrative adventure.