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Shadows of Doubt The Sharpshooter Assassin Update

Publisher Fireshine Games and developer ColePowered Games have released the Sharpshooter Assassin major update for Shadows of Doubt, the immersive detective stealth sim Early Access game. Console versions are coming in 2024 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Introducing a brand type of killer, the Sharpshooter Assassin, detectives can embark on a hunt for this sniper in a thrilling new case type. New points of interest to explore, new perks to unlock, and a range of quality of life improvements are included in the update.

Explore two new buildings. Climb the social rankings to investigate the gated communities of the Echelons, located high among the top floors of the city’s skyscrapers. These areas are only accessible to VIPs, so players will need the social status to enter unless they can find an alternative method of entry.

Be more effective as a detective with 11 new player perks. Unlock these new perks by working up through the ranks. Fast travel, instant status cures, and security clearances are some of the perks to give a detective the upper hand in solving the case.

Several new quality of life improvements and gameplay tweaks are included in the update. A new auto-travel feature, new conversations, new Steam features such as trading cards and badges, an improved user interface, reduced city generation times, and much more are waiting to be discovered in the update. For a full list of content and changes in the Shadows of Doubt Sharpshooter Assassin update check out the patch notes on Steam.

Shadows of Doubt Availability

The full v1.0 launch of Shadows of Doubt is planned to release later this year after being extended into 2024 from player feedback. With the release of the Sharpshooter Assassin, the next stop on the game’s roadmap is the v1.0 release Missing Persons Update. In addition bug fixes and optimizations will be continue throughout the remaining roadmap.

Later this year the game will head to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. All of the content in the Shadows of Doubt Sharpshooter Assassin update will also be available when the console versions release.

Shadows of Doubt is out now on PC in Early Access via Steam for $19.99. A midweek 25% off deal is available on Steam until April 24, 2024. Note that the developer describes the game as mature content as is contains depictions of graphic violence displayed in low-fidelity fashion along with references and depictions of fictional drug use and alcohol.

For more information visit the Shadows of Doubt socials and Discord below or visit the official website at

Shadows of Doubt – Console Announce + Sharpshooter Assassin Launch Trailer | Fireshine Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Fireshine Games

Fireshine Games is a global publisher of digital and physical video games. Based in London, England, the 2014 established company originally operated under the Sold Out label. In March 2022, Sold Out rebranded itself as Fireshine Games. The updated brand name that better suited the company moving forward since digital games have a difficult time being sold out. Titles in the Fireshine Games portfolio include Reka, Core Keeper, Lies of P, Odinfall, Shadows of Doubt, These Doomed Isles, Toads of the Bayou, Little Friends Puppy Island, Hokko Life, The Repair House, Dredge Deluxe Edition, Gord Deluxe Edition, Killer Frequency, Brewmaster, The Survivalists, and numerous other titles.

ColePowered Games

ColePowered Games is an indie game development studio founded by Cole Jefferies. In 2015, the studio released the city building puzzler, Concrete Jungle. Currently the studio is working on Shadows of Doubt.