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Vampire Dynasty Announced for 2024

Toplitz Productions and developer Mehuman Games have announced Vampire Dynasty, a brand new IP of Dynasty franchise, is coming in 2024. A dark fantasy spin blends with open world exploration and fantasy horror action in this blood-filled story.

For the first time ever, the Dynasty franchise leaves behind historical references and dives right into fictional fantasy. Vampire Dynasty blends open world exploration and fantasy horror action with a branching story in the fictitious Balkan area of Sangavia.

We are excited to escort the Dynasty series on a dark and sinister path. We embrace the challenge to deliver a gaming experience that both veteran Dynasty players as well as fans of dark fantasy and horror games can equally enjoy. We have always been fans of both the occult and sinister as well as sandbox games. We cannot wait to show you more of what we achieved by merging both of these worlds.

Michał Ciastoń, CEO of Mehuman Games and Lead Designer on Vampire Dynasty

Players begin their story as a survivor of a vampire attack. Now one will have to learn how to use their newfound abilities while finding their place in a society that puts vampires at the top of the food chain. Superhuman strength, heightened perception, and enhanced speed are just some of the new abilities while enjoying the perks of being human. Explore the world’s vast landscape by transforming into a bat.

Team up with up to three more players in co-op mode or take on the world alone in solo. To advance one’s vampire clan they will need to explore the rich game world, uncover its secrets, and fight against vampire hunters to establish their dynasty.

Take over the realm by building a towering castle. Customize the castle using medieval and gothic inspirations. Uncover secrets laying underneath the castle hill. Be warned that discoveries may grant corrupting power over one’s human subjects.

When it comes to the Dynasty franchise, we are always exploring new concepts and settings. The incredibly talented team at Mehuman Games has put their heart, soul and a lot of blood into Vampire Dynasty to raise the bar of what is possible with the signature genre-mixing formula. Yet they stay true to the roots of what encapsulates the beloved gaming experience expected by Dynasty fans around the world.

Matthias Wünsche, CEO of Toplitz Productions

Choices matter and the branching dialogue enables players to decide how their vampire dynasty will unfold. Decide who lives, who dies, and who will become an eternal follower. Leverage strengths to adds to one’s following and ensure the clan’s survival.

There are multiple endings and even more to discover in the visually stunning world powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Vampire Dynasty Availability

Vampire Dynasty is coming to Early Access in 2024 via Steam. Interested players can wishlist the game now. A free Vampire Dynasty: Diaries digital lore app is available on Steam that offers an overview of vampire myths, facts, and fiction.

For more information visit the Vampire Dynasty socials or product pages.

Vampire Dynasty – Cinematic Trailer | Toplitz Productions

Publisher and Developer Information

Toplitz Productions

Toplitz Productions is an Austrian publisher and developer with the goal of offering games that feature “Heart and Soul” to consumers. The company is comprised of veteran game developers and executives who collaborate with multiple studios throughout the world. Toplitz’s portfolio comprises a mix of sports, strategy, adventure, and simulation games for PC and major console platforms.

Mehuman Games

Mehuman Games is a team of nearly twenty professionals that includes artists, gameplay designers, and programmers. The group containers members of the former Movie Games Lunarium, the studio behind Lust from Beyond and Lust for Darkness. Currently the studio is using Unreal Engine 5 to combine epic storytelling with open world sandbox gameplay.