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Shadows of Doubt Immersive Detective Sim Launches on Steam Early Access

Fireshine Games and developer ColePowered Games have released their immersive detective stealth sim game Shadows of Doubt on Steam Early Access. From simple vandalism to cold-blooded murder, no case is too small or too big.

Become a private investigator and use a variety of crime-solving gadgets in this detective experience. Investigate each case and even track down a serial killer. Meet individual citizens with their own names, jobs, apartments, and daily routines while exploring fully simulated cities and solving cases.

Each case is approachable in the player’s own way. Scan fingerprints, check call logs, read private emails, watch CCTV, pick locks, break down doors, sabotage security systems, and bribe citizens to track down suspects and solve the case. With multiple ways to handle a case, the path taken is completely up to players.

For the initial Steam Early Access release, Shadows of Doubt includes The Dead of Night case. This specially crafted case serves as an introduction to the game. In addition, a Sandbox Mode offers an endless number of cases to investigate, civilians to meet, a variety of equipment, and dense procedurally-generated cities to explore.

I’m so excited to finally invite players into the world of Shadows of Doubt and delighted by the early press reaction to the game. Shadows of Doubt has been a dream of mine for a very long time, so to finally see the game in players’ hands is an incredible feeling. I hope players love the game’s immersive crime-solving experience, and look forward to the additional content coming as we work towards a full 1.0 release.

Cole Jefferies, Founder & Director at ColePowered Games

Shadows of Doubt Release Details

The full 1.0 launch of Shadows of Doubt is planned for release later this year. Early Access is expected to last six months. Depending on player feedback and development updates, this phase may be extended. In Q2 2023, the first major update will introduce a brand new side job, building type, and additional NPC interactions. More updates are planned for Q3 and Q4 2023.

Shadows of Doubt is out now on PC in Early Access via Steam for $19.99. An Early Access launch discount of 10% is available until May 1, 2023. For more information follow @detectivesim on Twitter or visit

Shadows of Doubt Early Access Launch Trailer | ColePowered Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Fireshine Games (@FireshineGames Twitter, YouTube) is a global publisher of digital and physical video games. Based in London, England, the 2014 established company originally operated under the Sold Out label. In March 2022, Sold Out rebranded itself as Fireshine Games. Moving forward, the updated brand name better suits the company since digital games have a difficult time being sold out.

ColePowered Games (@colejefferies Twitter, @colepowered Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game development studio founded by Cole Jefferies. In 2015, the studio released the city building puzzler, Concrete Jungle. Currently the studio is working on Shadows of Doubt.