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Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out! DLC Full Release

Klei Entertainment has fully launched the Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out! DLC, expanding the game to new planetoids and multiple colonies. This is the first paid DLC full release comes a year after the DLC’s early access and expands gameplay to include new raw materials, transport sources, and the ability to explore and manage multiple worlds.

While the official launch took place on December 16, 2021, players have already been enjoying all the Spaced Out! fun since December 9, 2021 when the Blast Off Update launched. Since then a few minor updates were released that added updated localizations for Russian, Korean, and Chinese along with a few crash and bug fixes.

To celebrate the full launch release of Spaced Out! DLC, a new gameplay trailer is available for viewing on the Klei Entertainment YouTube channel. From teleporting to a new world and building a second colony to messing around with radioactive materials this DLC expansion has it all.

Sending dupes to the surface and space allows them to explore the final frontier and discover strange new worlds. A wide range planetoids including lava, ocean, swamp, frozen, and radioactive await for dupe exploitation. Gathered materials and resources can be easily sent to other worlds via a space cannon type system. One can also have their dups load the materials on a space ship and fly them to their destination in a more traditional manner.

One of the biggest changes in this DLC is the radiation mechanic. Certain established items such wheezeworts and shine bugs emit radiation. The surface of the planetoids also receive an unhealthy dose of radiation. Plus there are several new materials and the nuclear power systems for both colonies and rockets. To prevent dupes from glowing green one will want to use the best lead-lined precautions.

Other new additions include the sweetles that increase plant growth rates and secrete sucrose. Grubgrubs are another creature that produces mud. Combine these two in a system with sulfur and grubfruit plants players can produce high quality very long-lasting food for their dupes with grubfruit preserve.

To keep dupes happy in their new home environments there are a range of recreational activities. From the hot sauna to the new long distance telephone system there is plenty for dupes to do in their down time. Just be warned, don’t let dupes idle next to Experiment 52B.

Oxygen Not Included is available on PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam and Epic Games Store for $24.99 USD. The Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out! DLC is available for $12.99 USD. A special 60% off discount promotion for the base game is available until December 22, 2021 on Steam and until January 6, 2022 on the Epic Games Store. For more information about Oxygen Not Included visit the game’s page here.

Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! Expansion DLC Gameplay Trailer | Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment (@klei Twitter) is an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The studio’s porfolio includes hit tittles such as Don’t Starve, Oxygen Not Included, Mark of the Ninja, and Invisible, Inc.