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Genotype VR FPS Adventure Price Drop

On Monday this past week, Bolverk Games dropped the price of Genotype, their survival FPS VR adventure with alien-like creatures and DNA manipulation.

Genotype first launched on October 12 of this year with a price tag of $34.99. During the month of November the Antarctica-based DNA-infused adventure-shooter has seen varying discounted sales. This prolonged discount period was to avoid frustrations from customers purchasing the game while the price change was being decided and approved. Once the new price of $24.99 became active, the sale ended.

The developer, Bolverk Games, hopes that the new permanent price point is a better fit for the VR FPS market.

Days before the new price took effect, the developer released the second patch update for Genotype. This second update added achievements, expanded the lore and added new glove designs to the virtual reality title.

Other announcements with the second update included news of Genotype being ported to Steam and PCVR. According to the game’s website the Steam release is expected sometime in Q1 2024.

In addition some details about the game’s third update were released. The patch is already in development and is expected to be ready in a few weeks. Players can expect to see a focus on combat, more specifically improvements to the various elements of combat.

Genotype Availability

Genotype is now available on the Meta Quest platform for $24.99 for the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

In the first half of 2024, Genotype is expected to launch Steam and PCVR. Steam users can add the game to their wishlist now.

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Genotype – Official Launch Trailer – Meta Quest Platforms | Bolverk Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games is an award-winning indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software, the company’s portfolio contains a range of titles including Glyph, Genotype, KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2.