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Genotype FPS Adventure Launches on Meta Quest

Bolverk Games have globally launched their Antarctic FPS VR adventure Genotype on Meta Quest.

Developed for Quest 2, the Bolverk Games development team spent two years developing Genotype while also pushing the device to its absolute limits. Bolverk Games CTO Lasse Tassing who is also a Unity-wizard and C-sharp expert along with the development team have added several customizations to the Unity game engine, pushing the Quest 2 to its limit.

For Genotype, that meant implementing a lot of custom solutions on top of Unity, including a culling system, multithreaded AI systems, and a completely custom lighting/shading system. This allowed us to make detailed environments that use baked, static lighting, but still make the surfaces “pop” by implementing a custom specular reconstruction algorithm.

Lasse Tassing, CTO at Bolverk Games

With high-fidelity graphics, players will find the game to be clean and well polished. The game’s story is written by Morten Bruunbjerg (Hi-Fi Rush), who has written and rewritten the story multiple times.

We are supremely excited to have come this far. Genotype is our biggest project yet, and I think it shows in its quality and feel. We’re all beginning to feel the tingling of excitement.

Bo Bennekov, CEO at Bolverk Games

The game’s roots are found in the popular FPS single player genre. Additionally, the game draws on the world of puzzles. Players will find themselves swimming, shooting, and thinking while upgrading and leveling weapons and abilities.

About Genotype

Play as Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station, who after a routine expedition is dropped into the middle of the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative Laboratories. The facility’s only human survivor, William, guides her as she explores and attempts to escape the facility. Evely is immediately poisoned by airborne spores and will have to trust William in order to survive and escape the facility.

Monsters are everywhere. To survive the now overrun facility, Evely is dependent of the use GRAID, an set of experimental gloves. The GRAID is used to print creatures and modify their DNA. New ways to print other types of creatures or a methods enhance creatures by modifying and upgrading their DNA can be found throughout the facility.

Adaptation is key to survival. Unlock otherwise inaccessible spaces in the facility by transforming into other creatures. Clear a path forward and dive deeper into the facility’s laboratories by using creatures as tools. Fight through the maze-like ecosystem, take on the hostile alien threat known as The Mother, and save the world from this evolving threat.

Genotype Availability

Genotype is now available on the Meta Quest platform at the price of $34.99 for the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

Visit for more information.

Genotype – Official Launch Trailer – Meta Quest Platforms | Bolverk Games

Developer Information

Bolverk Games (@BolverkGames X (formerly Twitter), @bolverkgames Facebook, YouTube) is a self-supporting indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software the company’s portfolio includes KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2. Over the past two years, Bolverk Games have been working on the the 3D platform game Glyph.