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Genotype Second Update Adds Achievements and More

Bolverk Games have released a new update that adds achievements to their survival FPS VR alien adventure Genotype. This second update also expands the lore and adds new glove designs to the virtual reality title.

Roughly 80 personal journals, written by the now-deceased Antarctic facility workers, can be found and read. These journals offer deeper lore and rewards in the form of puzzles to unlock loot in numpad protected crates. This addition will offer a reward for players who enjoy exploration.

We had comments from players wishing for more rewarding exploration. We’ve tried to address that feedback with the 80+ journals, added puzzles, and GRAID appearance blueprints in this patch.

Jaime Monedero March, Producer and Game Designer, Bolverk Games

To further reward exploration, players can now discover new glove designs. In total there are six new glove patterns and colors, one of which shows the game’s inspirations in the Metroidvania genre.

As players progress through the game, there are now 21 new achievements players can earn in Genotype. Everyone at Bolverk Games loves achievements and more will be added in future patch updates.

Other changes in patch 2 include graphic and audio updates, gameplay changes, and various bug fixes.

Upcoming Genotype Content

Genotype is being ported to Steam and PCVR. Steam users can wishlist Genotype now. According to the game’s website the Steam release is expected sometime in Q1 2024.

Patch 3 is already in the works and is set to include combat changes. The patch is already in development and is expected to be ready in a few weeks. Players can expect to see improvements to various elements of combat.

Genotype Availability

Genotype is now available on the Meta Quest platform at the price of $34.99 for the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

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Genotype – Official Launch Trailer – Meta Quest Platforms | Bolverk Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games is an award-winning indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software, the company’s portfolio contains a range of titles including Glyph, Genotype, KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2.