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Heat and Run Spring Update, Roadmap Update

Damnatio Games have released the Spring Update for their Early Access 2D 4v4 multiplayer shooter, Heat and Run. Now available on Steam, this update adds a ping location system and several significant bug fixes.

The Heat and Run Spring Update delivers handful of new features. In the TAB scoreboard, damage to opponents is now visible. Damage to the Opponent Flame is also visible in the TAB scoreboard.

Allies can now better communicate using the ping location system. This is done using the C key.

In the initial stages of Heat and Run‘s Early Access the developer planned to focus on technical issues. The Spring Update became the perfect place to drop in several bug fixes and some quality of life improvements. For example Target’s visual has been improved and Arson’s arm now has a visual when his ability is activated. Paran’s Dash is now invisible in hideouts.

Some of the score data displayed in TAB has been corrected. Music and sound bugs related to the selection menu and winning have been solved. Moving the lobby with the mouse cursor should now be easier. Incorrect displays in the Teams menu have been corrected.

A more complete list of changes and fixes in the Heat and Run Spring Update is available on Steam in this post.

Heat and Run Roadmap

Along with the Spring Update is a new updated Early Access Roadmap for Heat and Run. The next update is planned for August 2023 and will feature four major items. In the next update players will be able to select an opponent’s Hero, BOTS will see improvements, more SFX and more bug fixes.

Heat and Run - Roadmap Update | Damnatio Games
Heat and Run – Roadmap Update | Damnatio Games

Future updates will include two new Heroes, custom and team chats, spectator mode, XP progression, more language support, and a better reporting system. In the 1.0 release, players can expect even more such as two new Heroes, 21 new Relics, new map, ranked mode, cosmetics, and more.

Heat and Run Availability

Heat and Run is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $10.99. A Heat and Run demo, previously seen during last year’s Steam Next Fest, is available on Steam.

For more information follow @Heat_and_Run on Twitter, like on Facebook, join the game’s official Discord or visit

Heat and Run – Early Access Launch Trailer | Damnatio Games

Developer Information

Damnatio Games (@damnatiogames Twitter, YouTube) is a game studio based in Bordeaux, France. Founded in January 2021 by Delesse Maxime and Fiorani Thibaut, both of whom have been working on Heat and Run since 2017. Over time, additional experts in their fields were added to the team as the studio works toward finalizing the 4v4 multiplayer title Heat and Run.