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Heat and Run 2D Multiplayer Shooter Steam Next Fest Demo

French game studio Damnatio Games released a demo of their 2D multiplayer shooter, Heat and Run, for the duration of Steam Next Fest. Available from June 13 until June 20, 2022, the 4v4 shooter features both strategic and frantic gameplay.

The demo features eight heroes and a gorgeous map. Three servers: Europe, North America, and South America are available. Gameplay is fast-paced with 4v4 teams. Two destructive weapons, Glocktail and Dynameats are available to destroy the opposing team’s Flame. Create effective strategies, organize a defense, and coordinate attacks with allied communication in order to be victorious in the arena.

Upcoming content additions will allow players to pick one of twelve heroes or heroines and equip them with a powerful relic. There are 30 planned relics: defensive, offensive, and utilitarian for solo or team gameplay. Three maps and a tutorial along with new custom, spectator, and ranked modes are coming.

A friends and teams system is being developed. Bots will be coming to fill empty games. XP and gold is planned to progress in game. Future cosmetics will be stylish.

Since 2017 the game has been in development by a small-scale team that listens to the community via Discord. The game is designed to be accessible for small configurations anywhere in the world. Both FPS and MOBA players can enjoy the strategy necessary to be victorious in Heat and Run.

Heat and Run is set to release in fall 2022 on Windows PC via Steam. The Heat and Run demo is available during Steam Next Fest on Steam. Interested players can also add the game to their wishlist now. Follow @Heat_and_Run on Twitter, join the game’s Discord or visit for more information.

Heat and Run – Gameplay Trailer | Damnatio Games

Damnatio Games (@damnatiogames Twitter) is a game studio based in Bordeaux, France. Created in January 2021 by Delesse Maxime and Fiorani Thibaut who have been working on Heat and Run since 2017. Since the studio’s formation, additional experts in their fields have been added to the team as the studio works toward finalizing the production of Heat and Run.