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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Adds Traffic Management Update

Publisher astragon Entertainment and German developer Aesir Interactive have released the Traffic Management update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. New traffic control options are available for officers on patrol in the busy streets of the fictional metropolis of Brighton.

This is the sixth update since the June 2021 start of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Early Access. New tools, hand gestures, and commands are available for controlling traffic. From blocking off entire streets to blocking just a single lane, officers can direction the flow of both vehicles and pedestrians.

Traffic cones and barriers aid officers in their traffic management needs. Pedestrians regardless if they are a bystander or a witness can be instructed to wait in designated areas. They may also be instructed to not use one of the sidewalks or turn around and find an alternative route. Vehicles can be asked to wait, bypass a barrier, or drive in the other direction.

The Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Traffic Management update also features a number of bug fixes and improvements. Non-Player Vehicle (NPV) reactions to sirens and near intersections along with NPV lane switching behavior have been improved. Changes have been made to NPC behavior near patrol vehicles. A modding option is available allowing for customization of siren sounds and the lightbar light patterns of police vehicles.

A more complete list of changes in the Traffic Management update is available on Steam here.

An official roadmap has been published on the Police Simulator: Patrol Officers‘ Trello board. Future planned content is listed on the roadmap. Players are asked to contribute their ideas and wishes to the ongoing development of the game. The game is supported with a game-grant of the German funding body FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and is being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available in Early Access on Windows PC through Steam for $24.99/£17.99/€19.99. Follow @PolSimulator on Twitter or visit the game’s website at for more information.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – The Traffic Management Update | astragon

astragon Entertainment (@astragon_games Twitter) is an independent German game publisher located in Duesseldorf since 2019. Founded in July, 2020 the then Hagen based company began its journey to assemble a diverse portfolio of high-quality technical simulation games such as Construction Simulator or Bus Simulator.

Aesir Interactive (@AesirInteractiv Twitter) is a German development studio based in Munich. The company employs over 35 passionate designers, artists, and programmers. Using the Unreal Engine, Aesir uses its diverse team to craft memorable experiences through elegance, discipline, and excellence.

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (@FFFBayern Twitter) provides funding for story and project development, production of feature and television films, cinemas, and video games among other media productions. In addition to its funding activities, FFF Bayern is involved in extensive consulting and information services for the film, television, and games industry.