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HELLSEED Horror Adventure Now in Early Access

Profenix Studio SRLS have released their set in 1980 Italy first person horror adventure, HELLSEED, on Steam Early Access. This is the first title developed by the Italian indie studio and uses their proprietary engine S2ENGINE HD.

Doctors of a local psychiatric hospital have reported a missing colleague. Set in the province of Turin in 1980, players take on the role of a detective investigating the missing person. The first point of investigation is the house of the missing doctor where strange happenings occur and dark presence follows the detective.

Get ready for horror thrills, puzzles, adventure, and blood covered walls. Players will need to figure out what does this presence want from them and the relationship it has between itself and the doctor. As the investigation continues players will discover that the doctor is not really be missed and might even be dead. Each step in the investigation brings players closer to its conclusion and never mind that someone is lurking in the shadows ready to drag them to hell.

Using their new powerful game engine, S2ENGINE HD, Profenix Studio SRLS created HELLSEED. Even though the game is far from perfect, the developer is both happy and proud to have completed the first part of the game. Plans are already underway to improve the game with updates planned over the next few weeks to improve in-game performance and loading times. The developer is also requesting that players give feedback and report bugs to help improve the game.

HELLSEED is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $9.99. A 15% Introductory Offer discount is available until December 7, 2022. The HELLSEED demo featuring pre-alpha content is available to try on Steam for free. For more information visit the game’s product pages on Steam or at

HELLSEED Gameplay Trailer | Profenix Studio

Profenix Studio SRLS (@ProfenixStaff Twitter, @profenixstudio Facebook, YouTube) is an indie company based in Benevento, Italy. It was born from the Profenix Studio di Fabio Di Paola based in Naples. Since the studio’s founding in 2006, Profenix Studio has been involved in next-gen PC gaming technology development and powered many titles such as Power of Destruction, I’m not alone, and BlackSoul. Using their new and powerful game engine, S2ENGINE HD, the studio aims to become a valuable reference point for indie game developers around the world.