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Cities: Skylines Adds Industry Focus in Next DLC

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced the next addition to the Cities: Skylines franchise. The Industries DLC expansion will allow players more control and customization over their industrial zones.

“With this expansion, players can make more meaningful choices in their cities’ industry by managing their production chains from grain to bread.” said Sandra Neudinger, Product Manager from Paradox Interactive. “The players have been asking for an industrial expansion for a while, so we’re excited to finally offer a full featured approach.”

Industries will feature new specialized buildings. Players will be able to manage production chain “from raw material extraction up to final end product”. Players can manage traffic and logistics with warehouses and utilize the new cargo services. A cargo airport and postal system that includes delivery, collection, and sorting facilities are included in the Industries expansion.

Players can manage their new industrial sector using three new industry policies and four city-wide policies. Five new maps designed for the Industries DLC expansion will allow the player to build thriving industries. Chirper will also be receiving four new hats.

The Industries DLC will be released on October 23, 2018. As of this article, the pre-order purchase price is $14.99 USD on the Paradox site and includes all the previously mentioned features.

Cities: Skylines will receive a free update alongside the Industries DLC. The free update will introduce toll booths, toll roads, the ability to designate historic buildings, and create custom name lists for citizens, districts, and buildings.

Synthetic Dawn Radio, a new radio channel, is coming. This new channel will feature 16 songs across “four genres: 80s Electro, Vocoding Electro, Breakbeats, and Futuristic Synths”.

Both the free update and Synthetic Dawn Radio will coincide with the Industries DLC release on October 23.