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Kill It With Fire 2 Fights Spiders in Early Access

Publisher tinyBuild and independent developer Casey Donnellan Games are taking the fight against spiders to space in the Early Access release of Kill It With Fire 2. Get ready to rid the spacetime continuum of an interstellar arachnid invasion.

Fight a horrid new spider species across space at various other-world locations. Each locale offers exterminators distinct challenges and fresh means of wiping out this spider menace.

Helm the Vindicator, a state-of-the-art starship that can access various dimensions where these eight-legged bugs reside such as the Haunted Artois Manor. New potion brewing mechanics give exterminators refreshing concoctions that enhance their expertise in spider eradication. Find well-hidden missing ingredients to further develop brewing options. Clear objectives and unlock weapon upgrades and futuristic technology such as a laser gun.

Fight back the spider threat alone or with friends. There are two multiplayer modes available: Campaign Co-Op and Spider Hunter. Multiplayer supports a total of four players. Campaign Co-Op takes the group across intergalactic dimensions with a goal of conquering the spider-infested campaign. Spider Hunt is a spider vs. human dust-up to see which species in the dominant.

Kill It With Fire 2 Availability

Kill It With Fire 2 is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $14.99. An Early Access release 10% off discount is available until April 23, 2024. The game is available with language support for English, French, German, Spanish (Spain), Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

For more information visit the Kill It With Fire 2 socials and Discord below or visit the official website at

Kill It With Fire 2 – EA Launch Trailer | tinyBuild

Publisher and Developer Information


tinyBuild is a Seattle-based video game label. The company is behind the successful Hello Neighbor franchise and has numerous other acclaimed titles in their portfolio including Potion Craft, Graveyard Keeper, Kill it With Fire, and Streets of Rogue. Since 2013 the company has been in the indie publishing scene and now has offices in Amsterdam, Riga, and Boise, Idaho.

Casey Donnellan Games LLC

Casey Donnellan Games is a Texas-based independent game developer and former AAA developer. Donnellan graduated from SMU Guildhall in 2012. After spending several years as an engineer at Certain Affinity, Donnellan went on to work at Rooster Teeth Games as a Senior Game Engineer and later a Lead Designer. Now as an independent developer, he is busy working on the Kill It With Fire 2 after releasing Kill It With Fire and Kill It With Fire VR

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