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Hammerting Fully Launches With Discount

Team17 and developer Warpzone Studios have dug deep into the Mountains of Mara with the full launch of Hammerting on PC. With the launch comes a new update that introduces co-op multiplayer, Hammertings aka dwarven meetings, and Overworld wars to the vertical dwarven mining colony sim.

After nearly thirteen months in early access, Hammerting is now fully available with a huge list of new features, tweaks, bug fixes, and stability improvements. All of this comes on the heels of several major content updates during the early access period that included: Fluids Update, Overworld Update, Automation Update, Epic Crafting Update, Relations Update, and most recently the Fishing & Farming Update.

One of the biggest features in the full release is multiplayer co-op support. Multiplayer should work across all different stores where the game is sold. In the start menu there is a new button for multiplayer gameplay. Players can create a lobby that allows friends and enemies to join. All the dwarves are controlled by all the players at the same time with each dwarf deciding which ethereal being or rather player they will choose to follow at that given moment.

Hammertings can be held in the great hall. Holding one will grant bonuses the mountain home. While holding one all the dwarves will meet in the great hall to discuss the matter at hand and can only be held once every two in-game hours.

The Overworld contains many factions who will now declare war against each other. While at war the various factions will send armies towards their enemies if their might and power are high enough. When two armies meet they will fight in combat until one side is victorious. Armies at enemy locations will attack fortifications and if a fortification hits zero it will fall destroying any items it holds. Locations prioritize rebuilding of fortifications over the production of goods. An Overworld victory condition has been added called World Conquest.

Thought bubbles now appear over the heads of dwarves whenever they start a new task. New crops, new materials, and new recipes have been added further expanding the crafting system. The Book of Tings also known as the Dwarfelopedia has been updated with new text and images along with several UI changes. Several performance, AI tweaks, UI improvements, and bug fixes have been included in the release update. A more complete list of changes in version is available here.

Hammerting is available on Windows PC from Humble BundleSteamGOG, and Epic Games Store and for $24.99 USD. To celebrate the PC full launch release a 33% off discount promotion runs until November 24, 2021. For more information about Hammerting follow @hammerting on Twitter or visit

Hammerting Launch Trailer | Team17

Team17 (@Team17 Twitter) is an international video game label and creative partner for independent developers. Founded in 1990 the Team17 portfolio comprises of over 100 games of which includes The EscapistsOvercookedYoku’s Island ExpressYooka-Laylee, and Hell Let Loose.

Warpzone Studios (@WarpzoneStudios Twitter) is a game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Linda Kiby Zetterman and Fredrik Zetterman where they previously had worked for Avalanche Studios and Paradox Development Studio. In 2017 Anders Elfgren, who previously worked for Avalanche and Rockstar North, joined the team with five more joining as the studio works on its first title release, Hammerting.

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