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Bullet Heaven Fest Event on Steam

Ravenage Games and Erabit Studios have teamed up to host Bullet Heaven Fest on Steam. Running from November 6 to November 20, the event is to spotlight the Bullet Heaven genre.

The Bullet Hell genre has long been established as a manic subgenre of shoot’em up video games. Recently the term Bullet Heaven has emerged to describe games where instead of avoiding a massive number of projectiles from enemies, players are the ones sending out the bullets. A popular game used to define the Bullet Heaven genre is 2022’s Vampire Survivors developed by Luca Galante.

Bullet Heaven Fest Details

Bullet Heaven Fest is not just a sale on Steam. The event is also being used as a rallying point for over 180 titles to spotlight the emerging genre that is surging in popularity with gamers and developers. A primary goal for Bullet Heaven Fest is to promote Bullet Heaven as an official tag for use on major platforms. This tag is meant to support the collective interest of players, developers, publishers, and creators in the Bullet Heaven genre.

Both Ravenage Games and Erabit Studios, the organizers of Bullet Heaven Festival, are committed to making the event an annual tradition that will continually shine a spotlight on the genre and support its growth.

More than 180 titles are participating in the festival. The festival includes big announcements, game updates, and demos. A new 20 Minutes Till Dawn spinoff subtitled Emperpath is set to be unveiled during the event. Heretic’s Fork will see a series of major updates that includes the brand new content spree that started on October 30. An updated demo for Yet Another Zombie Survivor will be available during the festival which will include support to transfer progress to the early access version of the game.

Death Must Die and Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot will be available for purchase during the festival. Plus several now available titles in the genre are on sale at varying discounts. To see all the titles participating in the event, visit the Bullet Heaven Fest event page on Steam.

Bullet Heaven Fest Announcement Trailer | Erabit Studios

Event Host Information

Ravenage Games (@Ravenage_Games X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) is a video game publisher founded by a team united by one trait: substantial developer relations experience. The publisher believes that in this industry decisions must be clear and lightning-fast to build trusting relationships with game developers in order to deliver quality products. A sampling of titles in the Ravenage Games portfolio include BioGun, Dwarven Skykeep, NecroBouncer, Mega City Police, Frozen Flame, Masterplan Tycoon, Heretic’s Fork, Don Duality, Untamed Tactics, Legendary Hoplite, and Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow.

Erabit Studios (@erabit_studios X (formerly Twitter), @Erabitstudios Facebook, @erabitstudios Instagram, YouTube, Twitch) is a newly established indie game publishing and development company. Based in Singapore, Erabit Studios has a strong passion for creating, porting, and publishing innovative and engaging games for various platforms including PC, Android, and iOS. The company’s portfolio includes Brotato, 20 Minutes Till Dawn, Indies’ Lies, Candy Disaster, Spellbook Demonslayers, Star Survivor, and BattleGroupVR.