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Weekly Rewind: January 30, 2021

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for January 30, 2021 where we cover stories and events that we missed over the past week.

This past week was filled with several big game releases such as Chaosmonger Studio and Assemble Entertainment’s ENCODYA or Bloober Team’s The Medium. These bigger releases overshadowed some smaller indie news that we missed such as the free to play open beta of Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer or the early access exit of Academia: School Simulator. Plus while there was little development on the Epic Games versus Apple story other than Tim Cook must sit for seven hours, Facebook might be gearing up for a fight with Apple as well.

Other stories posted this past week on Nano Gaming News include the early access release of Motor Strike: Racing Rampage from FiveXGames. Canadian indie studio Trailblazer Games released their word puzzle crime adventure Crossword City Chronicles. Those who have been following Wreck Tangle Game’s Quintus and the Absent Truth will be glad to hear that Chapter Three is now available for the five part story.

Warriors: Rise to Glory! Multiplayer Trailer | Gavra Games

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer Open Beta

Independent game developer Gavra Games has announced that their turn-based gladiator combat game, Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer, is having a limited time free to play open beta. This beta is a testing period for the multiplayer experience of what will become a feature in the premium version of Warriors: Rise to Glory.

In the Online Multiplayer version of Warriors: Rise to Glory players compete in 1v1, 2v2, or six player free for all battles where the most devious and cunning thrive. The game features over the top brutal combat where failure means the loss of glory, life, and gear. Experience gains allows one to level up their warriors and equip better weapons, armor, stats, and skills for generations to come. Roguelike elements creep into gameplay for when a warrior dies they stay dead, but their glorious house lives forever on.

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer is now available for a limited time through Steam. The premium version, Warriors: Rise to Glory, is currently in early access and is available on Steam and Humble Bundle for $9.99 USD.

Academia Version 1 Announcement Trailer | Squeaky Wheel Studio

Academia: School Simulator Exits Early Access

Philippines based indie game developer Squeaky Wheel Studio has graduated their game Academia: School Simulator from early access. After four years of development, players now have full access to the school simulator and management game that has a 93% very positive review rating on Steam.

In the Version 1.0 release several new features have been added like Teacher Training, Student Labor, and the ability to pick out and nurture favorite students. There are more than 100 achievements to challenge the best designed schools and random events to put any school to the test. A new difficulty level, insane, is available alongside new scenarios, events and grants for late game. New players have access to a full tutorial to help keep them and their students in line.

Academia: School Simulator is available on Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. For more information about Academia: School Simulator visit the game’s website at or follow @academia_game on Twitter.

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite – #FreeFortnite | Epic Games

Apple’s Time Cook Must Sit for Deposition, Facebook Contemplates Lawsuit

Again another mostly quiet week has squeaked by for the Epic Games and Apple feud. However, there was one important development that came from U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas S. Hixson. Last Tuesday in California the magistrate ruled that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will have to sit down for a seven hour long deposition. The ruling comes after Apple tried to fend off or limit the length of the deposition when compared to the initial zero hours then later four hour long concession it had proposed.

Apple woes might grow to include Facebook in the very near future. Rumors are starting to circulate that Facebook is preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over App Store policies and a future iOS 14 privacy feature that makes a certain type of user tracking opt-in.

If a suit would be filed this should not come as a surprise as the relationship between Facebook and Apple has been on shaky ground for a while now. Some of this tension goes as far back as of the beginning of 2020 when Facebook tried to get the Facebook Gaming app on iOS. Additionally, in December 2020, Facebook had said it would produce internal documents to aid Epic Games in their own legal battle with Apple.

Thank you for reading the January 30, 2021 Edition of the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind. Don’t forget to check back with us next week for the next edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind and until then, keep on gaming.

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