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The Medium is a Dual-Reality Dark Masterpiece

Bloober Team, the studio behind Blair Witch, Observer: System Redux and Layers of Fear, has released their most ambitious project to date in The Medium. Featuring next-gen game mechanics players are taken on a dual-reality psychological horror adventure with psychic Marianne and the Niwa resort tragedy.

Presented as a third-person psychological horror game, The Medium takes players into a groundbreaking simultaneously rendered dual-reality gameplay experience. Playing as the gifted medium Marianne, players are able to explore both the real world and the spirit world both alternatively and simultaneously. By interacting in both worlds and seamlessly moving between the two, one is able to uncover the dark violent mystery, sinister spirits, devious puzzles, and disturbing details of what happened at the Niwa resort.

Prior to the game’s launch, Bloober team released a 14 minute gameplay video that took players into some of the darker elements of the dual-reality gaming experience including a very threatening The Maw. A live action trailer, directed by Paweł Maślona, was also previously released that brought the stunning details of the game’s unique art style inspired by painter Zdzisław Beksiński to life. Key characters that are core to the game’s mysterious story were featured in the live action cinematic including the medium Marianna, the enigmatic Thomas, a spirit named Sadness and the hostile entity known as The Maw.

In the new official launch game trailer for The Medium, the original song “Voices” is featured and is performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and composed by Akira Yamaoka & Arkadiusz Reikowski.

Everyone at Bloober Team is ecstatic to see The Medium release on Xbox Series X/S and PC as it has been a vision we’ve had for years. Seeing first-hand how the game has changed from its original idea years ago to now how immersive it is with Bloober Team’s innovative dual-reality mechanics has been incredibly inspiring to our entire team. We can’t wait to showcase this as one of our most ambitious titles to date and deliver to players around the world one of the first next-gen horror games.

Piotr Babieno, CEO at Bloober Team

The Medium is now available on PC and the Xbox Series X/S consoles. At launch the game will be priced at $49.99 USD. Players who purchase the game on SteamEpic Games Store, GOG or on the Microsoft Store before February 4, 2021 will receive a 10% launch discount. On PC The Medium Deluxe Edition is available for $49.99 USD that includes the original soundtrack, featuring a ‘dual’ score soundtrack by legendary composer Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill, and Bloober Team’s own Arkadiusz Reikowski, along with the digital artbook.

More information about The Medium can be found on the game’s website at, by following @TheMediumGame on Twitter or @the_medium_game on Instagram.

The Medium – Official Launch Trailer | Bloober Team

Bloober Team SA (@BlooberTeam Twitter) is an independent developer and producer of video games based in Kraków, Poland. Founded in 2008 by Peter Babieno and Peter Bielatowicz, the studio at first only did contract work. Over time a talented team was assembled, now numbering over 100 people, and began to work on their own projects that include Layers of Fear>observer_ and Blair Witch.