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Quintus and the Absent Truth Chapter Three is Out

Indie developer Wreck Tangle Games has released Chapter Three of the five part horror adventure series Quintus and the Absent Truth on Steam. In the third chapter, titled Lost, players in this first-person adventure will be able to solely control Quintus himself.

The story of a man, Alan Shaw, and his mouse, Quintus, continues in Chapter Three of the unusual horror-adventure title. In this third chapter players control Quintus and lead him through several cracks in time. Each of these moments are significant to the main protagonist’s timeline. Areas are larger and the puzzles are more complex in this chapter as they are designed to compliment the size and attributes of Quintus.

Continuing with the established story in the previous two chapters, the game advances the story of the double protagonists while still presenting itself with a unique minimalist art style.

Quintus and the Absent Truth Chapter Three is available on Steam as a $4.99 DLC. Chapter Two is also available on Steam as a $4.99 DLC with Chapter One being free to play. A special 15% discount promotion runs until February 5, 2021 for all Quintus DLC. The first chapter is also available free to play on Game Jolt and For more information about Quintus and the Absent Truth visit the game’s webpage on the developer’s website here.

Quintus and the Absent Truth – Chapter Three: Lost – Trailer | Wreck Tangle Games

Wreck Tangle Games (@WreckTGames Twitter) is a solo developer studio founded by Orion Moon. In 2014, Moon applied his background skills in music composition, song writing, graphic design, film and fictional writing to a single creative output through game development utilizing the Unity game engine. GiAnt, an ant simulator was released in 2016 as the studio’s first title.