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Motor Strike: Racing Rampage Early Access

Spanish indie development studio FiveXGames is steering into early access for its next entry in the Motor Strike franchise with Motor Strike Racing Rampage. The game features racing and shooting in all out driving mayhem.

Billed as a demented shooting racing game, players can go at it alone or with others on the track. Players can enjoy a 4-split screen mode or go against up to 8 other racers in online mode.

The full racing component of the game is available at the start of early access. There are 14 different vehicles, 7 heavy weapons, and 20 different racing tracks. New gameplay mechanics such as Strike Back and Rolling Strike are available. Players can select their race style with their rules in the many different game modes with their own race directives.

Early access is expected to last for about 6 months. In the final version of the game there will be a new battle arena mode, challenge mode, and a campaign mode plus a whole load more weapons, cars, and tracks. On the early access roadmap better game balance, AI, and additional Steam features are listed on the agenda.

A demo is currently available to play on Itch for Motor Strike: Racing Rampage that features the game’s basics and art styling.

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage is available as an early access game on Steam for $13.99 USD. A special early access 15% launch discount runs until February 3, 2021 that puts the price of the game at $11.89 USD is available on Steam. For more information visit the game’s website at or follow @MotorStrikeGame on Twitter.

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage Demo – Gameplay Mistic Desert | FiveXGames

FiveXGames (@FiveXGames Twitter) is a small indie Madrid, Spain based development team. The group first started back in 2015 when they won the “Art” prize of the the PlayStation Awards with the game Motor Strike: Immortal Legends which launched on the PS4 in 2016. Since then the studio has worked on a few projects including FallNation and Motor Strike: Racing Rampage.