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Frogun Encore Leaps Onto PC and Consoles

Publisher Top Hat Studios along with indie developer and artist Molegato have released the retro throw-back 3D platformer, Frogun Encore, on PC and consoles. This follow-up title takes place three years after Renata ventured into the lost ruins, saving her parents and the world in Frogun.

Ruin explorer Renata and her talking frog-gun have returned for a brand new adventure in a world of low-poly charm evoking PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 nostalgia. Since her last major adventure, Renata along with Hatter and former rival now best-pal Jake, make it a summer tradition to do activities together. Camping, hiking, and having run are the usual happenings.

Things were fun and fine for the group until one day coming back from a jungle hike, they witness Jake’s town being assaulted by the Fly Bois. Seeing this attack sets the group into action. They learn that under the command of the vengeful General Fluff, the remaining loyal Fly Bois are working with secret technology to bring the Lord of the Flies back to the world. To stop this latest worldly threat, Renata and Jake will have to chase the flies all over the planet.

Building on the original title, Frogun Encore expands on the move-set and greater agility of the heroes. Twirl and double jump, catapult off ziplines, or launch skyward by shooting grabbed enemies and objects downward.

Fly around the world on Hatter’s new plane to understand what the world looks like beyond the Temple of Beelzebub ruins. See the evil lord’s home region of Mosquia, the thermal lakes of Yushi, or the dry dunes of Sandalia. Along the way old friends may be found selling hats.

Jake and his nimble-tongued friend Snatch are along for the ride. The game is playable in either single player or co-op where a second player can jump in at any point during a stage. Utilize each other to bounce off the other’s head, collaborate to locate all treasure, and defeat bosses. Don’t forget to take a group selfie with photo mode.

New and returning players can easily grab the game and play. Knowing the original title is not a necessity to enjoy this latest entry.

Frogun Encore Availability

Frogun Encore is available on Windows PC via Steam and GOG, and on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation for PS4 and PS5, and Xbox for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for $12.99. A 15% off launch discount is available on all platforms for a limited time.

Demos for Frogun Encore are available on Steam for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

For more information visit the Frogun Encore visit the official publisher’s product page at

Frogun Encore Launch Trailer | Top Hat Studios

Publisher and Developer Information


Top Hat Studios is a niche New York based developer and boutique publisher. The primary focus is to support Japanese-inspired, retro-themed, and/or simply highly creative titles. A sampling of game titles in the diverse Top Hat Studios’ portfolio include: Frogun, Frogun Encore, Synergia, An Adventurer’s TaleBig DipperGirls & DungeonsThe Wilting Amaranth, Velocity NoodleThe Tail Makes The Fox, Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, and Rainbow Dreams.


Molegato is an indie game developer and artist from Spain. On the internet, Raúl Martínez Garrido is known as Molegato. Some of Garrido’s work can be found on deviantArt, his blog, or website. Games in Molegato’s portfolio include Frogun, Frogun Encore, Supersonic Tank Cats, and Demented Pixie.