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Synergia Dystopian Cyberpunk Visual Novel PS4 Release

Indie developer Radi Art and niche publisher Top Hat Studios has released their dystopian yuri visual novel with a dark-cyberpunk theme Synergia on PS4. In July 2020 the game was released on PC and has received a 90% “Very Positive” review rating on Steam.

holds true to the cyberpunk style with their yuri thriller visual novel Synergia. In full neon aesthetics, this successful Kickstarter game project brings the game’s dystopian setting front and center.

Making the jump from PC to console, this visual novel shines in full neon aesthetics and tells the tale of a yuri thriller. Cila, a hopeless and lonely police officer, meats a very human-like android named M.A.R.A. The android joins Cila where the two begin to emotionally connect. At this point the tech giant Velta Labs takes an interest in M.A.R.A. and the story really takes off.

There is a conflict that has been brewing. The actors are chosen in secret. Cila and M.A.R.A. will find themselves in the middle where the fate of this one android can determine peace or war while leading to the birth of a new religion or a technological singularity far from human comprehension. For players, the question is how far will one go to protect a machine that changed their life?

Key features include a mature romance between two women in a bleak dystopian future. The story is presented in a thrilling non-linear fashion where player choices can lead to multiple different endings. There are more than 20 unique characters that will influence the story’s path through the vibrant art style of the cyberpunk setting. Each new story journey is expected to take between six and nine hours and there are about 100 different combinations of scenes and CGs.

Synergia is available now on the PS4 for $14.99 USD. Previously the game was released on PC and is available through Steam and for $11.99 USD. The Synergia Soundtrack is available for $7.99 USD as a separate DLC. More information about Synergia can be found on the game’s website at

Synergia Official Trailer | Top Hat Studios

Top Hat Studios (@TopHatStudiosEN Twitter) is a niche New York based developer and boutique publisher. Titles include An Adventurer’s Tale, Big Dipper, Girls & Dungeons, The Wilting Amaranth, The Tail Makes The Fox, and others, including recent Kickstarter successes Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and Rainbow Dreams.

Radi Art (@RadiArts Twitter) is the pseudonym of solo developer Francisco Perez Molina who is the creator and director of Synergia. In addition Molina has also worked as an illustrator, character designer, and writer. Molina is a lover of Japanese animation and the drawing style inspired him to create his own characters and their fictional worlds.