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Frogun Leaps Into PC and Console Launch

Top Hat Studios and developer artist Molegato today released their platforming adventure, Frogun, on PC and consoles. The 3D platformer puts players in the shoes of Renata, a little girl on a mission to rescue her missing parents.

Left to her own devices at base camp, Renata, grows concerned over her missing explorer parents. Renata is fortunate to still have her parents latest invention, the Frogun, an intelligent frog-shaped grappling tool. After her parents fail to return from their latest expedition to the Beelzebub ruins, Renata sets out on a rescue mission with her trusty Frogun.

Featuring dozens of levels set across many uniquely themed colorful pixelated worlds, Frogun is a world full of treasure, perilous hazards, enemies, and challenging bosses. Many collectables, various challenges, mysterious adventurers, in-game achievements, and unlockable secrets can be found during gameplay. Notes left by pirates, raiders, and previous explorers may also be found in the ruins offering clues to what the future may hold.

Players who are fond of collecting items should find enjoyment in acquiring all of the unlockable cosmetics and behind-the-scenes peeks. All of these rewards are be traded for using collected coins from gameplay.

Once a player fully completes the game, expert time trials are unlocked as a new mode. This feature provides a set of pro times for players to challenge themselves. Speed runners will enjoy both this mode and the dedicated bonus speed-running mode. A two-player duel arena, allowing friends to challenge each other, can also be unlocked.

In June 2021, the Frogun Kickstarter launched with the project receiving full funding after just two hours. Within 24 hours the project had received 200% funding. At the end of the month-long fundraising campaign, over $35,000 was pledged for the project with a total of 13 stretch goals achieved.

Frogun is now available digitally on Windows and Linux for PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. Console versions are available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Microsoft, and Nintendo Switch via Nintendo for $14.99. The Digital Deluxe edition, priced at $24.99, adds extras such as a 50 page artbook, behind the scenes peeks, digital manual, and original soundtrack.

Physical editions for Frogun are available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 for $34.99 and include all the digital extras. A physical Collector’s Edition, priced at $69.99, features a collector’s cover box with special hand-drawn water-color art, reversible 18×24 poster, original soundtrack, sticker sheet, and artbook.

Frogun Official LAUNCH Trailer | Top Hat Studios

Top Hat Studios (@TopHatStudiosEN Twitter, @tophatstudiosEN Facebook) is a niche New York based developer and boutique publisher. Titles in their portfolio include: An Adventurer’s TaleBig DipperGirls & DungeonsThe Wilting AmaranthThe Tail Makes The Fox, and recent Kickstarter successes Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and Rainbow Dreams.

Molegato (@molegato Twitter) is an indie game developer and artist from the Community of Madrid, Spain. On the internet, Raúl Martínez Garrido is known as Molegato. Some of Garrido’s work can be found on deviantArt, his blog, or website.