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Highrise City Fully Releases on PC Next Week

Deck13 Spotlight and indie developer FourExo Entertainment are ready to fully release their ambitious city builder, Highrise City, on PC next week.

After nearly two years in Early Access, Highrise City will fully launch with a packed content update. Loads of new features and game content including an new UI. Public transport with buses, mega skyscrapers, alternate building modes, and shopping malls are just some of the features in this loaded release update.

Plan out a Megacity. Actively manage the city through both its economy and resources in this modern take on the city building genre. These massive Megacities can be as big as 194 square kilometers each with 50 different resources available.

Each city can hold up to one million inhabitants with five different population classes. Up to 30,000 buildings can exist in a given city with up to 5,000 vehicles and up to 20,000 people per scene.

Both beginners and advanced players can enjoy the game at their experience level with adjustable difficulty levels. Full mod support enables players to implement their own buildings or change the whole balancing scheme.

Using laws and technology research, players can improve their city. Add resource trading to balance out the economy. Once a prosperous and growing city is created, players can kick back and enjoy their creation or dive into the details, fine tuning the city for maximum growth.

Highrise City Availability

The game will leave Early Access on September 4, 2023. Highrise City is available now in Early Access on Windows PC through Steam and GOG for $24.99. A Highrise City soundtrack is also available on Steam and GOG for $9.99.

Players can download a previously released Highrise City demo on Steam and GOG to get a a feel for the modern city builder.

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Highrise City – Gameplay Trailer | Deck13

Publisher and Developer Information

Deck13 Spotlight (@Deck13Spotlight X (formerly Twitter), @deck13.interactive Facebook, YouTube) is a publishing service from Deck13 Interactive. Based in Frankfurt, Germany the service helps independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. Deck13 Interactive is one of the leading developers in Germany. Employing more than 60 individuals, the team works on developing award-winning large-scale productions for PC and consoles.

FourExo Entertainment is a small indie game development team from Eastern Germany. The team is currently working on their debut title, Highrise City.