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Highrise City Builds Straight Into Early Access

Deck13 and developer FourExo Entertainment released their ambitious economy sim and city builder, Highrise City into early access. Available today on Steam and Good Old Games (GOG), the release is also being celebrated with an early access launch trailer.

Combining a city builder with a complex economy simulation, players are challenged with a modern take on the genre. Both combined genres puts players in the position of needing to focus on resource management while also expanding the economy. At the same time players have access to all the necessary tools to create a living and flourishing city.

As of the early access release there are three maps: New York, Capetown, and Rio. Players can create complex product chains and watch their cities build and grow as citizens construct complex skyscrapers. Cities can contain up to one million residents who are members of five different population classes. There are more than 250 base buildings, 50 different resources, and up to 30,000 buildings in a city.

The journey for Highrise City began eight years ago. Solo developer FourExo started with a clear vision of creating a combined city builder and complex economy simulation. Fast-forward to today and players can now see the hard work the developer has poured into the game with the early access release.

Early access is just another milestone in the game’s development. A detailed roadmap is available on Trello that shows where the game is heading. The next update, planned for April’s end, will add a building editor, workshop and Nexus support for UGC buildings, and bug fixes.

Highrise City is available in early access on Windows PC through Steam and GOG for $24.99. A 15% off early access launch discount runs until March 31, 2022. More information on Highrise City can be found by following @HRCGame on Twitter or by visiting

Highrise City – Early Access Release Trailer | Deck13

Deck13 Spotlight (@Deck13Spotlight Twitter) is a publishing service from Deck13 Interactive. Based in Frankfurt, Germany the service helps independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. Deck13 Interactive is one of the leading developers in Germany. Employing more than 60 individuals, the team works on developing award-winning large-scale productions for PC and consoles.

FourExo Entertainment is a small indie game development team from Eastern Germany. Currently the team is working on their debut title Highrise City.