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Brotato Version 1.0 Released on Steam

Solo indie developer Blobfish have fully released their bullet hell arena shooter Brotato on Steam. The full version 1.0 launch release comes with a Steam discount and many new features.

In the 1.0 release, new characters, weapons, items, and weapons have been added to the game. All of these expanded elements further increase the huge number of combinations and play styles in the game. Players can now enjoy the arena shooter by playing as a Golem who drills into its enemies, as a Cryptid with claws striking at enemies, or as a King wielding Excalibur in the most epic of ways.

There are now over 40 characters with their auto-firing weapons for players to customize on their runs. Each run is fast, less than 30 minutes. With hundreds of items and weapons to choose from, players can find success with just about any playstyle in mind.

My goal with Brotato is to appeal to a very specific niche of people by combining mechanics from a few different genres, mainly the survivor-likes with hordes of enemies to fight off and autochess games with a shop allowing the player to create unique builds through weapon synergies and combinations. Everything is glued together by a hand drawn artstyle and a potato theme.

Thomas Gervraud, Blobfish Developer and Founder

First releasing in Early Access back in September 2022, Thomas Gervraud, the solo developer at Blobfish was surprised by Brotato‘s success. His previous two games, Space Gladiators and Lost Potato, had found moderate success.

The success of this game proved that the third time’s the charm. During Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence and June Next Fest events on Steam in 2022, the game’s demo found a huge audience finding itself on over 40,000 wishlists before the Early Access launch.

Post Early Access launch, the game maintained popularity. Its reach was further extended as the game remained popular with streamers as well. Currently the game has sold over 2 million copies on Steam and maintains an Overwhelmingly Positive rating at the $5 price point.

Brotato Availability

Brotato is available on Windows PC via Steam for $4.99. A 20% introductory offer discount is available until June 30, 2023. A bundle featuring titles from Blobfish is available on Steam. In addition, a Pew Pew bundle is available featuring Brotato and 20 Minutes Till Dawn from developer flanne and publisher Erabit. Both bundles are available with varying discounts.

For more information visit the game’s product page on Steam or follow the developer’s socials.

Brotato – Full Release Trailer | Blobfish

Developer Information

Blobfish (@blobfishdev Twitter, YouTube, Itch) is a solo developer from France founded by Thomas Gervraud. Now based in Switzerland, Gervraud started making small potato roguelite games after finishing his studies in 2018. Currently, Blobfish has three published commercial titles to date: Space Gladiators, Lost Potato, and Brotato. The success of Brotato has enabled Blobfish to establish a studio and are looking forward to expanding the team.