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Luna Abyss New Character Trailer at Gamescom

Bonsai Collective is in Germany at Gamescom for the first time and has released a new character trailer for their dark bullet hell FPS horror title, Luna Abyss.

Focusing on two key characters, Aylin and Fawkes, the Luna Abyss character trailer features never-before-seen clips. Both character’s roles within the game’s lore are briefly showcased with Aylin serving as a guide for the player.

The story is an important part of the Luna Abyss experience that Bonsai Collective have been crafting, so it’s really great to finally be able to put it front and centre in this brand new trailer. We can’t wait to show the game to more of our peers at Gamescom.

Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective

As players traverse the mimic moon turned prison planet, along with the chasm within its depths, they will discover the mysteries of the world. Upon stepping outside of one’s cell, Aylin will serve as both a guide and as the governor of the Blood Moon Penal Colony. Aylin’s directives come from the mysterious All-Father. Her primary function is to be helpful and supportive of the Scouts under her care. However her lack of human understanding does occasionally lead her to make questionable decisions.

The prisoner Fawkes is also detailed in the trailer. Incarcerated for embodying the characteristic red eyes of the Marked Ones. Fawkes is alone, afraid, and thousands of miles from home with the desire to survive their sentence.

Combat is seen to be fast-paced bullet-hell encounters against corrupted souls and twisted cosmic horrors. The terrain is that of a brutalist alien megastructure requiring players to sprint, jump, and dash their way around. Mysteries are everywhere including remnants of the colony’s downfall. With the Abyss holding many secrets, unwary Scouts will inevitably discover things best left well alone.

Luna Abyss Availability

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC and console. Players can add the game to their Steam, Epic Games and PlayStation Store wishlists now.

A free Luna Abyss demo is available on Steam to download and play for free for a limited time.

For more information visit the game’s product pages on the desired platform.

“Incarcerate” – Luna Abyss Gamescom Trailer | Bonsai Collective

Developer Information

Bonsai Collective (@BonsaiGames X (formerly Twitter), @bonsaicollectivegames Facebook, YouTube) is a game development studio based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2019 by Hollie Emery, Harry Corr, and Benni Hill, the remote-first studio is based all over the country that includes 16 full-time Unreal Engine specialists. The studio’s mission is to create original game universes, where players experience deep and connected gameplay.