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Blade Assault Roguelite Platformer Exits Early Access

NEOWIZ and developer Team Suneat have packed both action and a mountain of new content in the early access exit for their 2D roguelite platformer Blade Assault. The launch of version 1.0 features never before seen content during the early access development phase including the game’s ending.

Loads of enemies, three new bosses for seven in total, give players lots of adrenaline-fueled action in the game’s twelve stages. Using one of three playable characters: Kil, Jenny, and Darcy, players will take fight against the mutants and corrupt military rampaging on the war-torn planet. Each character features their own unique playstyle and signature weapons: blade, axe, and rifle. Plus there are over 200 different items such as cores and gears are available to aid in the fight. With enchanted weapons the characters can make quick work of all those baddies that stand in their way.

A new Friendship System allows players to spend some time making friends in the pixelized cyberpunk-styled Undercity and elsewhere. These various NPCs can offer rewards for those who get to know them that will prove beneficial in the fight in the two-front battle against the mutants of the outside grounds and the corrupt military of the elite sky city of Esperanza.

When players are done taking down the big bad bosses and have beat the game’s story can find more challenges in the Assault Level. This challenging level will test a player’s might and fortitude with an endless waves of hard enemies making even veteran players break a sweat.

The game has had a long journey from its initial development start to the version 1.0 launch. In November 2020, the developer ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. After the game’s early access release in June 2021, a regular patch update cycle created a game with a “Very Positive” rating on Steam with over 700 reviews. In addition the game has made it to the final round of voting for GDWC 2021 as a Fan Favorite with a final voting period occurring between January 17, and January 31, 2022 on the Game Development World Championship website.

More additions are planned beyond the launch of Blade Assault’s cyberpunk pixelized world’s release. Players and fans can get excited about new characters, bosses, and weapons that are planned for the future with more details to come.

Blade Assault is available now on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $17.99 USD. Previously the publisher announced that Blade Assault will also launch on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch at a yet to be announced date. For more information about Blade Assault visit the game’s Steam page or the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

Blade Assault – Early Access Launch Trailer | NEOWIZ

NEOWIZ (@neowizglobal Twitter) is a leading developer and publisher in South Korea. The Korean based headquarters are located in Seongnam – Pangyo, South Korea, and the company’s global publishing headquarters are located in Seattle. Founded in 1997 the company has worked on a wide range of projects including FIFA OnlineNBA Street, and Battlefield Online.

Team Suneat (@SuneatTeam Twitter) is a small team of developers that are based in South Korea. Working together for four years, the team has dreamt about creating their own pixel-based action platformer that is now in development under the title of Blade Assault.

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