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Blade Assault Cyberpunk Roguelike Enters Early Access

Publisher NEOWIZ and developer Team Suneat launched their early access 2D cyberpunk action rogue-lite platformer Blade Assault on Steam. At the start of the early access phase there are four full chapters for players to play and experience in the neo-filled pixel world.

Coming on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign from November 2020, Blade Assault has entered the early access phase of its development. Team Suneat wants to use this development period to use as much player feedback as possible for the last part of the game. The team believes that gathering and analyzing feedback is a crucial pillar in game development and they want to use it to make the game fun and enjoyable as possible.

Currently the plan is to stay in early access for six months with a full game release in 2021. Given the announced schedule of the current early access plan along and June release, Blade Assault will full launch in December. In the 1.0 official release there will be four different playable characters. A complete end to the game’s story will close out the current four chapters. There will be more playable in-game content, a more robust permanent upgrade system and achievements.

In the early access version of the game there are four full chapters with formidable bosses located at the end of each chapters. Three completely unique weapons, Destroyer a blade, Inquisitor an axe, and Evil Hunter a rifle are available to take out the various enemies. Fire, Ice, and Electricity are the three elements that make up the more than 45 elemental core upgrades. There are over 50 gear items and more than 25 weapon transformations that work along the permanent character and weapon upgrade system.

The story of Blade Assault takes place after the devastating Red Stone War. Now the world is divided into three regions: a mutant infested outside grounds, an Undercity where people fled from the mutants, and the sky city of Esperanza. In the sky city the rich and powerful rule over the world. A resistance force of the Undercity fights against the corrupt military of Esperanza in an effort to bring the amoral to justice. In the end the only way to end this nonstop fight to the center of the corrupt futuristic government and bring it down will be to upgrade and augment one’s abilities.

Blade Assault is available in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $17.99 USD. A 15% off early access launch promotion runs on Steam until June 14, 2021. At a later unannounced date, Blade Assault will launch on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. For more information about Blade Assault visit the game’s Steam page or the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Blade Assault – Early Access Launch Trailer | NEOWIZ

Team Suneat (@SuneatTeam Twitter) is a small team of developers that are based in South Korea. Working together for four years, the team has dreamt about creating their own pixel-based action platformer that is now in development under the title of Blade Assault.

NEOWIZ (@neowizglobal Twitter) is a leading developer and publisher in South Korea. The Korean based headquarters are located in Seongnam – Pangyo, South Korea, and the company’s global publishing headquarters are located in Seattle. Founded in 1997 the company has worked on a wide range of projects including FIFA OnlineNBA Street, and Battlefield Online.