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Weekly Rewind: August 14, 2021

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for August 14, 2021 where we take a look at gaming stories and events that we missed out on our coverage over the past week of gaming news.

This past week was a week filled with new game releases and launches. From the fresh cut greens of Lawn Mowing Simulator to the cyberpunk top-down arcade classic action in Glitchpunk there was a game for almost any player from every genre. Plus we have a new game review out that takes a look at the early access version of Ranch Simulator.

Two other games were released this past week that we missed out on in out coverage includes the 60-player battle royale NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and the circular minimalist precision puzzle-platformer OCO. As always there are more games coming out as we look to the future. In this case there is a World War 2 era narrative title, Torn Away that dives into the struggles of 1940’s Europe.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Launch Gameplay Trailer | 24 Entertainment

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Battle Royale Launches on PC

Chinese game developer 24 Entertainment this past Thursday released their 60-player battle royale experience, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, on Windows PC. The game blends brutal melee combat and fluid movement by means of grappling and parkour for exciting and intense matches.

Billed as “Unchained Multiplayer Combat,” the game offers extreme player movement through dynamic vertical gameplay. From clashing swords in head-to-head battles to sniping unaware opponents from a distance fights are destined to be fast and exhilarating. During the public beta test on Steam, over a million players participated and the game entered in the top 5 most played games on the platform.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is available on Windows PC through Steam for $19.99 USD for the base game. A Deluxe Edition and an Asura Edition are available at $34.99 USD each. The NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Ultimate Edition is available for $49.99 USD. Each edition is also available as paid DLC after the base game has been purchased. For more information about NARAKA: BLADEPOINT visit

OCO Steam Release Trailer | Philip Sinclair

OCO Minimalist Circular Puzzle-Platformer Out on Steam

SPECTRUM48 this past week released their minimalist circular precision puzzle-platformer OCO on Steam. Originally the indie studio launched OCO on mobile platforms in 2019 where the game received many accolades including being a finalist at Google Play’s Indie Game Showcase 2019, Big Indie Pitch Pocket Gamer 2019, and Pocket Gamer’s People’s Choice Award 2020.

Both intelligent and intuitive puzzles can be found in OCO that are set in a circular minimalist world. A procedural soundtrack changes in response to a player’s gameplay. There are 180 hand-crafted levels that are beautiful and can be picked up and played right away. Players will need patience, perception, and precision in order to fully master the game. Additionally OCO features a powerful level editor and a bustling Discord community that is constantly creating new levels with now over 75,000 user created levels to try.

OCO is available on Windows PC and Mac through Steam for $4.99 USD. A 25% off launch promotion runs until August 18, 2021. For more information about OCO visit

Torn Away – Gameplay Trailer | Nordcurrent

Torn Away Releases New Trailer for Their WW2 Era Narrative

Nordcurrent and developer Perelesoq announced this past week that their WW2 era story inspired by the diaries of children, Torn Away, is heading to Steam this coming winter. The game is a poignant war story that uses various gameplay mechanics to create an immersive and emotional experience that chronicles that challenges faced by those living in 1940s Europe.

While exploring the tale of Asya, a lost orphan who escaped from a forced labor camp, players will experience the hardships and challenges of the winter wilderness of Germany and Poland. Harsh elements of nature, various puzzles, and a variety of differing game types such as hiding from soldiers, looking for shelter and food, and general survival are all parts of the journey back home. All along the journey the consequences of war is explored.

Torn Away is planned for a late 2021 release on Windows PC through Steam. Interested players can wishlist the game now. For more information visit the game’s Steam page or follow @TornAwaygame on Twitter.

Thank you for reading the August 14, 2021 Edition of the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind. Be sure to check back next Saturday for a brand new edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind and until then, keep on gaming.

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