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NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Goes Free to Play, PS5 Release

NetEase Games and Chinese developer 24 Entertainment announced that their 60-player mythical melee battle royale game, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, is now free to play. In addition the game is now available on PlayStation 5 with player exclusive items.

The free to play (F2P) NARAKA: BLADEPOINT launch has arrived. This launch coincides with the game’s second anniversary which is also celebrating crossing the 20 million unique player mark. To celebrate this event, players can find anniversary in-game events and rewards.

A host of new content, features, and updates have arrived with the F2P launch. Capture the Spirit Well in 12v12 gang wars where players battle for control of key locations to earn points. More features will be added to the current guild system.

While waiting for a match, players can now grapple around and explore the 3D lobby. Tessa is a new 1000-year-old fox demon hero who can charm enemies and capture souls. The new Dual Halberds Weapon combines the spear and dagger into one allowing a straight stab and horizontal strikes with the ability to lock other weapons.

Veteran rewards are available for players who previously purchase the game. Players will receive in-game gold equivalents to what edition they currently possess. For example previous Stand Edition owners will receive 1960 gold whole Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition owners will receive 3360 and 4960 gold. Other veteran perks include a Viper Ning Legendary Outfit, exclusive avatar, and 10 Glory Chest Choice Gifts.

Under the F2P model, the game starts players off with four heroes of different roles: Viper Ning, Tianhai, Ziping Yin, and Matari. Compete with these various heroes and weapons to conquer the Morus Isle and Holoroth. At level 50 Ranked Mode is unlocked.


The game is now available on PS5. A warm welcome gift for PlayStation players is available from the dev team. All PS5 players will receive a Katana skin, a Ryuzan·Frost Reflection, and 2 Immortal Treasures. PS Plus members will also receive 5 more Treasures, an exclusive Headwear item designed for PS Plus members, and much more.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is available on Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Additionally, the game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Players who have a NARAKA via Xbox Game Pass will automatically be upgraded from the Standard Edition to the new Deluxe Edition containing the in-game rewards.

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Publisher and Developer Information

24 Entertainment is a Chinese game development studio. Founded by industry veterans who are artists, engineers, and designers, the group shares a vision of introducing global players to Eastern cultures through the latest gaming technology. Currently the studio is busy working on their debut title NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

NetEase (@NetEaseGames_EN Twitter, @NetEaseOfficial Facebook, YouTube) is a leading internet technology company based in China. Providing online services, NetEase, Inc. operates some of China’s most popular mobile and PC games. In recent years the company has expanded into international markets and have partnered with other game developers around the world to operate games in China.