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Lawn Mowing Simulator Cuts A Path on PC and Xbox

Curve Digital and developer Skyhook Games are cutting a fresh path on the green with the launch of Lawn Mowing Simulator. Available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S, the single player lawn mowing sim and business management 3D game takes players on a grass cutting adventure in the British countryside.

Using real-world licensed lawn mowers from known brands such as Toro, SCAG and STIGA, Lawn Mowing Simulator puts players at the helm of their lawn mowing business. Several attachments are available for their mowers including stripe rollers, mulching kits, grass collectors, recyclers, flail decks, and more. Players can expect a physically authentic lawn mowing experience as they execute ground checks, adjust blade height, and measure engine load as they complete contracts across various game modes including Career, Free and Challenge.

On the business side of the game players can purchase and upgrade their base of operations, hire employees, purchase advertising, and balance the books. As one grows their lawn mowing empire from the ground up, players will work in a beautiful British countryside town. From busy residential streets to vast castle grounds and even some quaint cottage greens and large equestrian fields in between are just some of the locations where one will seeing the mowing business in action.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is lawn-mowing at its absolute best! Mowing a lawn well and efficiently is something we find immensely satisfying – and we think other people feel the same way, so we’re really excited that people now get to play Lawn Mowing Simulator in all its glory.

David Harper, Co-founder of Skyhook Games

Lawn Mowing Simulator is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam and at the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X|S consoles for $29.99 USD. A 15% off launch promotion runs until August 24, 2021 for both PC and console platforms. More information about Lawn Mowing Simulator can be found by visiting the developer’s game page here.

Lawn Mowing Simulator – Out Now | Curve Digital

Curve Digital (@CurveDigital Twitter) is a leading publisher of games on PC and consoles. Founded in 2005 by Jason Perkins, the company is a British video game publisher based in London, England. Since 2013 the company has been working with game developers to bring their games to the global market with hits such as Dear Esther and Human: Fall Flat. The publisher has also won awards such as the Indie Games Publisher of the Year at the 2018 and 2019 MCV Awards.

Skyhook Games (@SkyhookGames Twitter) is a creative production house based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. They aid and help studios with outsourced art projects from the creation of realistic environments to props and vehicles. Games they have worked on include Lawn Mowing Simulator and the Cane Creek: Thompson – Potash DLC for Train Sim World 2.

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