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Chernobylite Leaves Early Access on PC

All in! Games and indie Polish developer The Farm 51 fully released Chernobylite as their sci-fi survival horror RPG exits early access. The full release comes just a little two years after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign and pre-alpha demo.

Since the early access release the game has seen several major changes that includes the addition of 15 new story missions, 11 brand new story characters, new weapons, maps, gameplay mechanics, over 20 hours of average gameplay time, and 12 language versions. A blog post from the developer is available the details the entire early access journey.

To celebrate the full release of Chernobylite, both the publisher and developer have partnered up with Corsair to enhance gameplay immersion with use of their brand new iCUE game integration system. Players can explore the wastelands of the Exclusion Zone with dynamic keyboard lighting allowing their desktop to become a fully synchronized real-time visualization of in-game actions and events.

Our completed labor of love is finally available to PC players all over the world and we want to thank our community for their amazing support over the years that helped us achieve this goal. We did it together! The PC release is far from the end of our development roadmap though. We’re hoping to announce our post launch plans very soon, so stay tuned.

Wojciech Pazdur, Director of Development at The Farm 51

For those unfamiliar with Chernobylite, the game is a science-fiction survival horror RPG set in the wasteland of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. Using 3D scans of the real world area, the game creates a hyper-realistic experience. Players step into the role of a physicist who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée 30 years ago. Gameplay elements include base building, crafting, resource and team management, stealth, survival, combat, strategy, and non-linear storytelling. From a hostile military presence to supernatural creatures along with a harsh unforgiving environment players will face many challenges in their pursuit of the truth on this thrilling adventure of survival, conspiracy, love, horror, and obsession.

Chernobylite is nothing like other Chernobyl-themed games out there. It seamlessly combines a variety of genres and wraps them up in the most realistic recreation of the Exclusion Zone to date. My hope is that people recognize the passion and attention to detail The Farm 51 have put into the game and that Chernobylite will continue to stand out as one of the best Chernobyl-related games for years to come.

Piotr Żygadło, CEO at All in! Games

Chernobylite is available on Windows PC through Humble BundleSteam, Epic Games Store and GOG for $29.99 USD. A 10% off launch discount is available until August 4, 2021. With the help of Perp Games, Chernobylite is coming to the PlayStation 4 in both digital and physical editions and the Xbox One in digital format on September 7, 2021. For more information about Chernobylite follow @ChernobylGame on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Chernobylite PC Launch Trailer | The Farm 51

All in! Games (@AllinGamesPub Twitter) is a new video game publishing and production company that was founded in 2018. Based in Krakow, Poland the company merged with Setanta in 2020 and is listed on the stock exchange in Warsaw. The company’s portfolio includes: GhostrunnerParadise LostAlaloth – Champions of The Four KingdomsFort TriumphDaymare: 1998Space CowsMetamorphosis, and Space Company Simulator.

The Farm 51 (@TheFarm51 Twitter) is a game development company based in Poland. Since the studio’s founding in 2005, they have created or co-created over 10 games and VR applications. In 2015 a team was setup with focus on technological advancement. Reality 51 is the name of a proprietary technology developed by The Farm 51 which offers new technology and VR solutions. This technology has been applied in areas such as utilizing 3D-scanning to create the most accurate version of the real world Chernobyl Exclusion Zone ever while developing their Kickstarter backed Chernobylite game.

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