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Skydome Sets Early Access Release Date for Its MOBA Hybrid

Publisher gamigo and developer Kinship Entertainment have set an early access release date for its competitive 4v4 MOBA hybrid title, Skydome. The multiplayer title offers seamless blend between the MOBA and tower defense genre creating a unique gaming experience worthy of the ages.

Ahead of the early access launch, players can pre-purchase various Founder Packs. These packs including three unique champions each with their own special towers and abilities. The packs also

Currently Skydome is in a closed beta phase that will end on July 14, 2021. Fans who pre-purchase Founders Packs will gain a full week of pre-release founder access starting on July 7, 2021. To offer a clean slate for early access, the game’s closed beta servers will be wiped before the founder access phase begins.

According to gamigo, since the closed beta’s start this past April, Skydome has seen thousands of thrilling online matches. Now with just a few weeks away from the early access release date in July they are gearing up to open the distinctive battle experience to all audiences.

The story of Skydome begins with a temple floating high in the skies that was created by an ancient people. From this temple champions are sent out to fight armies and monsters across the universe. Champions create defenses and towers, using their own individual strategies and skills, to dominate the battle arena. Every champion is unique and gives players the opportunity to explore new abilities, defense towers, and strategies.

Matches are designed to be fast-paced 3D isometric action. Every moment in a match can bring thrilling challenges and new surprises. Players pick their playstyle and develop their own strategies in teams of four. Some may choose to run straight into battle head on and use special intervention skills that sabotage opponents. Other players may choose to be more strategic. Becoming the ultimate champion of the battle arena will require mastery of deathmazes, magic portals, and time manipulation.

Upon release a seasonal ranking system will be available. A new champion will be added to the roster with the start of early access.

Skydome heads to a July 14, 2021 early access release date on Glyph and Steam. On both platforms, players can pre-purchase various Skydome – Founders Packs that range from $13.32 USD to $83.32 USD. For more information about Skydome follow @SkydomeOfficial on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Skydome – Official Gameplay Trailer | gamigo

gamigo (@gamigo Twitter) is a leading publisher of online and mobile games in the European and North American markets. The company at over 400 employees is one of the largest German companies in the gaming industry. Since 2013 the company has made more than 25 acquisitions in the video game industry and boasts a large portfolio that includes RIFTArcheAgeTrove, and Aura Kingdome.

Kinship Entertainment is a Sao Paulo, Brazil based indie developer. The studio consists of a dedicated team of developers, designers, artists, programmers, and gaming enthusiasts. Currently the studio is working on Skydome.