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The Fall of Aether Station Releases Final Demo Update

Indie game developer Nibble & Byte Game Studio is releasing a fully-loaded quality of life demo update for their upcoming roguelite space-based RTS-like tower defense, The Fall of Aether Station. This will be the final demo content update as the developer prepares for the June version 1.0 release.

Command the path to victory. Customize ships, upgrade the fleet, experiment with different weapon combinations, and fight hordes of alien ships. Adapt to the dynamic nature of the battle and increasingly stronger enemies to save Aether Station.

A new enemy swarmer type has appeared on the space battlefield. This enemy will spawn behind one’s defenses keeping the most strategic of minds on edge.

Control options are in the player’s hands. Whether the classic right click to move method seen in RTS games or left click seen elsewhere, the game easily allows for switching between the two at any time.

Stats are clearer on the reworked shipyard screen. Trade-offs between choices can easily be distinguished. This demo also includes an improved tutorial, rebalanced combat, control preferences, a new UI, numerous bug fixes, and much more.

Last January, ahead of this past February’s Steam Next Fest, an updated The Fall of Aether Station demo included reinvented tech trees, rebalanced combat, and a new UI. The full game is set to include 15 levels each with 60 initial waves. An endless mode will follow post launch.

The Fall of Aether Station Availability

Players can download the final The Fall of Aether Station Demo content update on Steam. An older Windows PC demo from last December is available on Note that demo on works on Linux utilizing WINE.

The Fall of Aether Station has a planned version 1.0 release in June 2024, on PC via Steam.

For more information visit the game’s product pages on Steam or at

The Fall of Aether Station – Reveal Trailer | Nibble & Byte Game Studio

Publisher and Developer Information

Nibble & Byte Game Studio

Nibble & Byte Game Studio is mostly a one person indie development studio, led by Jake, that creates unique, challenging, and engaging games. Based in the United States, the studio is a true passion project. Jake leads a team of software engineers who work on aerospace software during the day while raising a family and running a game development company at night.