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Stronghold: Warlords v1.3 and Art of War Paid DLC

Independent PC game developer Firefly Studios released the third major update to their castle sim RTS Stronghold: Warlords and a paid Art of War DLC. This v1.3 update includes 3 new maps for all players and follows a previously released roadmap of updates planned for the spring and early summer.

Starting in the ashes of the Western Zhou dynasty in 6th Century BC China, The Art of War Campaign comes to a head with the Battle of Boju. The paid DLC features six new missions full of fresh challenges and historical conflict. Designed for both series veterans and skilled warlords, players will experience several years from Sun Tzu’s exploits through tactical scenarios and strongholds. As Sun Tzu’s story progresses through new maps, gameplay, and two new warlords, players are set to face many new challenges.

The new Rat and Panda Warlords add new tactical challenges to the core gameplay. Mischief in early game skirmishes is a trait of the Rat Warlord while those who like to take their time will enjoy the Panda Warlord’s unique anti-archer protection and industry-boosting edicts.

With the DLC release comes a free v1.3 update to the base Stronghold: Warlords game. This update not only includes the developer’s first round of optimizations, but also the first official free multiplayer map pack. Thunder Strikes, Lost Kingdoms, and Flows Like Time are the three maps in the pack. Tick jungle hills and a battle of the elements takes place in Thunder Strikes. Lost Kingdoms takes players to a long forgotten land where empires once stood, but now nature dominates and features larger build areas. Flows Like Time is a 3 player medium map with larger build areas and battles across river crossings.

In addition the v1.3 update includes a plethora of general fixes, AI improvements, map editor improvements, achievement updates, one-click multiple troop recruitment, and several other changes. A much more extensive list of changes in the 1.4 GB update can be viewed here.

Stronghold: Warlords is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $39.99 USD. A Stronghold: Warlords Special Edition that includes the soundtrack composed by Robert L. Euvino, digital art book, and feature length making of the game documentary is available for $49.99 USD on Humble Bundle. The Stronghold: Warlords – The Art of War Campaign paid DLC is available on Steam for $4.99 USD. A 10% DLC launch discount is available until May 25, 2021. For more information about the game visit

Stronghold: Warlords – Art of War Campaign (+ Free Map Pack!) | Firefly Studios

Firefly Studios (@fireflyworlds Twitter) is an independent PC game developer that specializes in real-time strategy and MMO titles. Formed in 1999 by Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette, who brought experience from Caesar and Lords of the Realm, went on to create many high profile and commercially successful strategy titles. The company’s portfolio includes the seven million sold Stronghold series and Stronghold Kingdoms with over eight million registered players. Currently Firefly Studios employs around 30 full and part-time staff.

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