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Cat Cafe Manager Sim Coming This Fall

Three former Abbey Games veterans have come together under the new banner of Roost Games to add a unique take on the 2D management sim genre with Cat Cafe Manager. Previously the three worked on Reus, Renowed Explorers, and Godhood.

Located in the small countryside village of Caterwaul Way, players take on the duties of manager at their granny’s old cat cafe. In addition to management basics such as hiring staff and decorating the cafe, players will need to take care of and even adopt some of the stray cats that roam the streets. Every cat is unique with their own look, stats and personality. To please and relax customers the right combination of cats will need to be picked out for the cafe.

Besides the kitty residents of Caterwaul Way there are many different and interesting townsfolk. For example there is Finley who is a young musician struggling to break out or the local ferryman Bonner who is known to often tell a lot of tall tales. As players get to known their customers they will be able to uncover clues about the mysterious shrine dedicated to an ancient cat god. With these clues comes glimpses into the strange history of the town and its many stray cat residents.

The bizarre comfiness of being in a cat cafe in downtown Kyoto never left me. That’s why we want to offer players the fantasy of building their own weird little cat cafe.

Rick Sorgdrager, Roost Games

Cat Cafe Manager is planned for a Fall 2020 release on Steam. Players can wishlist the game now. More information about Cat Cafe Manager can be found at or by joining the Roost Games Community Discord.

Cat Cafe Manager First Gameplay Teaser | Roost Games

Roost Games (@roostgames Twitter) is an indie studio startup that consists of three person team based in The Netherlands. The veteran 2D strategy game creators previously created Reus, Renowned Explorers, and Godhood while working at Abbey Games. Now with the newly formed Roost Games the team works to fill some of the unfilled niches in the 2D management genre.