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Jump King Lands on Consoles in June Release

Indie developer Nexile is set to release comical 2D platformer, Jump King, along with UKIYO Publishing on consoles with a June release. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 9.

Nexile released their 2D platformer last May to very positive reviews on Steam. Now with the upcoming console release even more gamers can share in the tactical leaping adventure. The gameplay follows the story of a hero as they ascend a colossal tower. According to legend, at the top of this tower is the mythical “Smoking Hot Babe” waiting to be rescued.

At the core of this pixel art world is an easy to learn, extremely difficult to master philosophy. Players need to align themselves to their desired position then charge their jump, aim, and let gravity have its way with each leap.

Don’t worry if the hero face plants into the ground and has a nice dirt meal. Every point of progression is saved along the heroic journey. Not all jumps are equal. Sometimes the simplest of jumps may cause great grief. Experimentation with routes and tactics is encouraged as there is always more than one way to success.

Leaping onto the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles on June 9, 2020, Jump King is ready and willing to make any seasoned gamer bend the knee and cry.

Jump King is also available on Windows PC through Steam for $12.99 USD. More information about Jump King can be found on the game’s website at

Jump King Console Announcement Trailer | UKIYO Publishing

Nexile (@nexilegames Twitter) is a four-person game development company based in Sweden. Their first commercial title is Jump King. The four young developers met during their studies at Uppsala University in Gotland, Sweden. Their goal is to make a name for their studio and become known as an innovative developer.

UKIYO Publishing (@UkiyoPublishing Twitter) is a publisher that specializes in helping indie developers and their games reach their maximum potential. The London, UK based company has worked in the gaming industry for over a decade with its portfolio containing Battle Brothers, Death Road to Canada, and Expand.